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Hello, my name is...you guessed it...Charles Dale. What a fun site, right? Too fun (I think) because sometimes I should be doing other things. :)

The most important thing that I was recently reminded of on Wargear is this -
never give up.

I recently lost a tournament here when, if I would have been more positive about my ability (and luck) to win it, I would have. Instead I played a bit foolishly, not really believing that I could win it...and barely lost.

The same scenario can be applied to our lives. Who knows, we just might be about to achieve something very meaningful to us...but we need to persevere with a good attitude...all the way to the finish line.

One more thing...if you wonder why I have made you an enemy it's most likely because you abandoned a game we were in instead of surrendering.

10 players consider me to be antagonistic...not sure why that is.

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28th Mar 2017 11:17
Message from Mad Bomber
Nice job taking The top spot on Prion 4
#11 of 11
12th Feb 2017 18:52
Message from somasol
I guess I shouldn't have been so quick to surrender that last one, as I agree with your philosophy that we can often give up too quickly when we may have won in the end!
#10 of 11
6th Feb 2017 17:30
Message from Chele Nica
Major General and then 100 CPs in a very short time frame, well done!
#9 of 11
30th Oct 2016 01:54
Message from Paelias
Great person to just have a good conversation with while playing any sort of game! Great sport also!
#8 of 11
12th Jan 2016 20:04
Message from Babbalouie
Great Individual and great team player. Well rounded and impossible to beat without luck on certain boards and tough to beat on all boards.
#7 of 11
5th May 2015 11:14
Message from Mad Bomber
Strong player!
#6 of 11
31st Mar 2015 11:54
Message from Chele Nica
Thanks Charles for your post, and congrats on your top 20-25 tourney score!
#5 of 11
7th Jan 2015 18:19
Message from Spider
Sorry 'bout being booted. Not cool on my part. Thanks for the games the past few days.
#4 of 11
22nd Aug 2014 23:33
Message from SpyYoshiRv
Grats on the trophy. you got me really good on the last game, the rolls were too bad for me.
#3 of 11
24th Jul 2014 21:06
Message from Angela
Took pity on me and joined a bunch of my games. Really nice guy. Tough player! My favorite on Wargear thus far. Thanks for all your help!
#2 of 11
22nd Jul 2014 01:32
Message from renjason
Thanks for the game. The first-turn advantage helped me a lot there.
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