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By day I am an underpaid Systems Administrator. I grew up in Denver but came to Kansas for school. Eventually finding my people in the Midwest, I settled in the suburbs of Kansas City. I married a homecoming queen and am the father of two, soccer coach and PTA President. I am a rabid KU Jayhawks fan and a follower of both Denver and KC sports teams, but can’t attest to being much of an athlete. I love to listen to progressive rock and will make unsolicited suggestions at the drop of a hat. Go ahead ask. Gaming…I am old school. I still have my original first printing D&D rule book and Risk with wooden pieces. My first board “WarGear Quest” is based on a 1979 Avalon Hill board game. I finally achieved the rank of Hyper-Geek as I was cruising down K-10 after 9 hours of fixing computers listening to Dream Theater on the radio, drinking Mountain Dew and on my way to an overnight session of D&D. I was 35. WarGear was an easy transition.

Boards I've made:

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