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26th May 2013 01:01
Message from Greengiant
Where are you, on the Mickey tournament?
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10th Mar 2013 13:09
Message from berickf
Out of curiosity, would you like to have a treaty between North and South America, or would you prefer we both lost to jak?
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28th Feb 2013 15:39
Message from berickf
I don't really want to fight you that much in our tournament game as if we do we're just handing the game to jak. How do you see it?
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20th Dec 2012 09:30
Message from limburg
I brought dangerbird his units down to 5 in iceland! only way we can stop him is if you break through there! als his defence in NA is 1 so you can easily settle there with those 34 :p
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6th Dec 2012 15:56
Message from limburg
think it would be better if we leave each other be atm.. red or black are gonna take over otherwise..
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16th Sep 2012 14:16
Message from berickf
Small sample size is all.
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13th Jul 2012 11:25
Message from zdisabled_203822df
Would you like to call a truce in the SW in the game Moosh? YOu can concentrate on californi and I can move east?
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11th Apr 2012 09:03
Message from Spillo
madonna ma quanto sei scemo oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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