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Sat 17th Aug 17:07
West Egg rated  Great
Interesting realistic map with a nice variety of income bonuses and realistic topography, fun with a diverse number of players
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Wed 17th Jul 16:06
Invention rated  Perfect
Absolutely exquisite board design, every scenario or matchup is fun and varied.

Update: My board game period
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Tue 23rd Apr 14:45
Reef rated  Perfect
A very creative board, with fun and fast paced dynamics. Lots of room for straregy
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Sat 9th Mar 17:21
Ravenloft 4 rated  Superb
Exquisitely intricate board, lots to explore and fun game mechanics
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Mon 16th Apr 12:32
Apocalypse Soon rated  Superb
This board is great fun, with a fast paced, aggression inducing layout of easy bonuses.

However, the two right-most ships are touching and thus whoever starts first out of those two gets a massive advantage, basically screwing the 2nd goer from turn 1. As BB has stated below, balance would be restored by an intermediate neutral warship as there is on the left side of the board.
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Sun 11th Feb 11:12
Ribbon World rated  Great
This map is great fun, but think it could be even richer in terms of dice modifiers!
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Tue 31st Oct 07:44
War Of The Roses rated  Perfect
Very much enjoying this board, predominantly because I feel I have a lot to learn to master it :D

EDIT: upgraded to perfect, as I've played it more I've become more appreciative of the beauty of this board and having increasingly more fun on it!
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Thu 28th Sep 11:25
War of the Titans rated  Superb
All the games I've played so far have been pretty fast paced and very fun finishes!
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Thu 28th Sep 11:24
Moon Base rated  Great
A good looking board, simple and fun.
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Thu 28th Sep 11:21
Battle of Waterloo rated  Perfect
A really great map, wonderfully compelling strategic options and one of my favorite duelling boards for sure
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Thu 28th Sep 11:20
WarGear Warfare rated  Good
Not a patch on CC, too small for my liking
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Thu 28th Sep 11:18
Day at the Races rated  Superb
Sometimes hard to read troop counts sometimes, but it's a great fun fast paced board with more complexity of strategy than it's simplicity initially reveals!
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Thu 28th Sep 11:17
Capital Crusade rated  Perfect
Excellent use of game mechanics, and whatever number of players I've played this is game has the perfect pace for a really fun, aggressive play style to be good strategy!
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Tue 12th Sep 16:48
Five rated  Superb
excellently intricate strategy
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Tue 12th Sep 16:46
Bowling rated  Good
Fun headsup game, small size obviously magnifies the luck element but some interesting strategic possibilities.
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Thu 25th May 09:04
4Play rated  Abysmal
terrible balance, game over in 1 turn
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Sat 29th Apr 09:19
Spy vs Spy rated  Superb
Excellent simple strategy game
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Sat 29th Apr 09:19
Seven rated  Superb
Excellent fun
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Sat 29th Apr 09:19
Prion 4 rated  Good
Simple and fun as previously mentionned
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Sat 29th Apr 09:18
Miners rated  Great
Fun new board!
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