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28th Oct 2013 13:43
Message from EnduringGuerila
would you mind letting me out in this game? http://www.wargear.net/games/player/311115
#28 of 28
14th Aug 2013 05:31
Message from Teamster
I love playing on the New Earth board. Team up anytime.
#27 of 28
1st Aug 2013 12:24
Message from JoshClaybourn
Hallon is trying to surrender here: http://www.wargear.net/games/view/282216
#26 of 28
15th Jul 2013 06:52
Message from berickf
I have no fight to pick with you in Oceania.
#25 of 28
18th May 2013 17:55
Message from GeneralDisorder
It has been interesting playing with you in the game that ardinos cut out on us. too bad we didn't have a 3rd....
#24 of 28
10th Apr 2013 00:33
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey, Who created the "DaBakRow" team in "United We Stand"?
#23 of 28
22nd Mar 2013 21:10
Message from limburg
good thinking
#22 of 28
18th Mar 2013 22:06
Message from Harry Chest
Running a little short on turn time in our tournament game ivan.
#21 of 28
17th Mar 2013 21:47
Message from limburg
ivan you need to break headcaselogics bonus, he's got double your bonus and he's gonna break red next round i reckon
#20 of 28
17th Mar 2013 16:43
Message from Xrayjay
Just trying to stay alive dude. I think Green has the whole northeastern sector of the map as I just got wiped outta there.
#19 of 28
23rd Feb 2013 00:39
Message from Red1
well I think we have crushed Snake now, so one turn and we are done?
#18 of 28
19th Feb 2013 15:56
Message from Red1
If we don't team up Snake is going to take us both down. He has to be getting almost 120 troops a turn at least. I can't make a dent in him. How bout you and I till he is toast. One turn notice?
#17 of 28
8th Feb 2013 18:54
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey Man, need another teammate in Honest Abe!
#16 of 28
31st Jan 2013 14:28
Message from teinekord
I was afraid I might not survive otherwise - unfortunatly I don't have private messages. ( talking about techwars)
#15 of 28
27th Jan 2013 18:35
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey Man, New tourney join up with Thingol and I.
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10th Dec 2012 03:27
Message from bmasera
Hey, I'm getting a fair amount of Propaganda in our game http://www.wargear.net/games/player/200985 from Tommy. I was thinking that maybe I should counter it with hearing your viewpoint on things. Also, if you cared to pull your troops out of South East Asia, I could see us coming to some kind of agreement between South East Asia and Indonesia, or something of the like? Erase this message after you have read it, thanks.
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18th Nov 2012 10:34
Message from itsnotatumor
Invention Forum to checkout: I'm curious on your thoughts. http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/2387/Invention_discussion#post_1
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13th Jul 2012 05:24
Message from Dizzle
So I'm not a paying member and I can't PM you... you should like my play last move!
#11 of 28
10th Jul 2012 19:35
Message from Dizzle
I'm in!!!
#10 of 28
22nd May 2012 12:31
Message from G-Zero
I don't think I would be your best Ally this game as I am still trying to figure out how the game play woks.
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