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1st Nov 2013 18:05
Message from WARwar
He also has 30 in Hawaii. We are in trouble..
#25 of 25
1st Nov 2013 18:03
Message from WARwar
"Join in" game. I also see 30 in Alaska. Truce is good with me. Happy hunting orange. It is going to be tough
#24 of 25
11th Oct 2013 03:16
Message from LIONHEART
Clearly xarren is working with wild in that game, he can't see how pointless that is.
#23 of 25
7th Oct 2013 15:56
Message from LIONHEART
I've been attacking wild the last few turns and already lost more than anyone else doing so. So yes I'm in for it.
#22 of 25
29th Sep 2013 09:12
Message from LIONHEART
Ready to move on green after you!
#21 of 25
27th Sep 2013 15:39
Message from LIONHEART
I'm happy to throw as many as you are greens way in that game you messaged me, lets reduce both of our borders and move it his way.
#20 of 25
17th Jul 2013 11:43
Message from berickf
I killed myself off in South America against Galak. hopefully you can clear him out of there because if he's the only one getting a continental bonus for too long then we're all done for anyways.
#19 of 25
29th May 2013 11:51
Message from Adam the Merciless
Hey. In Fight!, shall we declare a truce along the border between N and S America? Might make both our lives much easier.
#18 of 25
16th May 2013 04:23
Message from beserker42
Hey man in that one huge CC game where I'm in China and you 're in Australia would you like to make a truce on that border. I'll leave the terms up to you and as long as they're reasonable I'll agree. It looks like you're doing well as am I lets not get in each others way. Let me know.
#17 of 25
6th May 2013 18:00
Message from Master Chief
Allright, truce accepted @ Lets Go-game
#16 of 25
22nd Apr 2013 23:01
Message from beserker42
I didn't hit you in the Civil war game because black jumped you and I thought you might need the men. With them and your set you might be able to come back from what he did to ya.
#15 of 25
17th Mar 2013 12:31
Message from Fumachu
I think you should worried about Luieuil... but, is up to you.
#14 of 25
5th Mar 2013 12:10
Message from Kav
http://www.wargear.net/games/player/233723?player=native Not interested in Italy. just want Geneva. Hope ok.
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29th Dec 2012 12:14
Message from limburg
#12 of 25
29th Dec 2012 12:14
Message from limburg
for some reason blue attacked me for some reason -_-, had nothing to through against him...
#11 of 25
26th Dec 2012 11:01
Message from limburg
already broke through this round taking away an 18 unit bonus and he was still able to get back, kill my 23def and go to SA as well as taking lands of blue.. he had some serious lucky rolls.. I'll try but Tros has his troops against mine btw give me a chance to take back africa again, cause attacking red wel probably give you the game as well ;)
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19th Nov 2012 18:58
Message from Kancercakes
In World War game "15" do you want to truce. You can use your troops in West Africa to take back East Africa and we can each go in a different direction. We are just going to go back and forth, while other people just get stronger. What do you say?
#9 of 25
6th Apr 2012 17:45
Message from Knosken
In the game "9", let's stay as we are right now. I wont go further down, and you will expand somewhere else. Deal?
#8 of 25
26th Jan 2012 00:22
Message from TecknoJock
I'll keep out of Africa if you keep out of Asia and Europe.
#7 of 25
27th Dec 2011 03:28
Message from Da Dawg
Ehhh, dude, Red is still the main threat, so I do not see any advantage in attacking eachother. Besides, I have my worries in asia too, probably his allies, so I'll leave you the America's and we'll meet in Asia, sounds kinda logic to me
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