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22nd Sep 2019 18:42
Message from Der Panzer
Jeez! So many people hatin' on Crazy! Where's the Love Man!? LOL!
#28 of 28
8th Sep 2019 15:01
Message from Der Panzer
I think Warqueer is in love with Crazy. They always say that opposites attract!
#27 of 28
22nd Mar 2019 12:12
Message from BTMCRV
PLEASE STOP inviting me to every game! I don't know you.
#26 of 28
22nd Mar 2019 12:12
Message from BTMCRV
PLEASE STOP inviting me to every game! I don't know you.
#25 of 28
20th Feb 2018 11:12
Message from Johasi Vidad
"jump in 4 player rabbit real time! me and my roomate bombsaway are in!" Posted on KOTU2's wall
#24 of 28
16th Apr 2017 16:41
Message from giac928
#23 of 28
16th Apr 2017 15:52
Message from giac928
When he is losing he says the others are teaming up against him, baaaaad loser
#22 of 28
28th Feb 2017 23:40
Message from Mad Bomber
Uses multiple accounts....a cancer to the game
#21 of 28
30th Dec 2016 20:07
Message from Der Panzer
Love the 10 player realtime but it's an hour turnaround Crazy. Are you fucking CRAZY. I'd be up until 5! Happy New Year Brother.
#20 of 28
15th Nov 2016 09:57
Message from warqueer
quits games he is losing with his other account "bombsaway"
#19 of 28
21st Oct 2016 13:24
Message from Spillo
sei un pezzo di merda e hai una faccia da culo
#18 of 28
5th Aug 2016 18:09
Message from zdisabled_fd5ef62f
And all this time I thought you loved me.
#17 of 28
14th Mar 2016 16:57
Message from MinnesotaFreeze
what an asshole, don't play with this guy ....... just ruins the game!! FUCK tard just has too much time on his hands!
#16 of 28
9th Mar 2016 18:14
Message from norlingk
big baby
#15 of 28
4th Dec 2015 17:22
Message from flyingbelgium
Come on Ivan, if you start a fast game, u got to finish it (even if u lose)
#14 of 28
30th Apr 2015 15:57
Message from the great buddha
crazy ivan don't play that game with bombs away cus the other hotbabe is the same guy.. he just makes two accounts and teams up against people
#13 of 28
18th Feb 2015 16:55
Message from TooSlow
Sorry man, I thought I had ended that turn before I left. I wouldn't have intentionally left you guys hanging.
#12 of 28
25th Jan 2015 20:00
Message from Young nig
Love this guy!!!!
#11 of 28
25th Jul 2013 15:15
Message from warchick
Smartest player ever. Always glad to submit to him.
#10 of 28
24th Nov 2012 18:51
Message from CrazyViking
No worries, good game.
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