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Rating distribution for captnmorgan123


Thu 8th Sep 22:10
Micro Mission rated  Great
Great for fun quick games!
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Fri 24th Jun 17:08
whittle 'em down rated  Fair
Impossible to make a comeback. Only fun if you can jump out front with a early lead and never look back.
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Wed 4th May 17:47
Steal the Bacon rated  Fair
BACON! game is a 3 but the name is a 10! So it gets a 5.
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Tue 3rd May 09:24
Bowling rated  Good
Everyone, grab your balls and let's go bowling! A fun quick 2 player game!
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Tue 26th Apr 20:14
It is Zombies......'nuff said!
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Tue 29th Mar 19:25
Crossword rated  Good
Can be tedious and you have to watch out for teams. Other that that a fun board!
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Wed 23rd Mar 23:19
Circles of Death rated  Great
One of my favorite maps to play one on one at. Luck is needed on the original map setup for sure, and if bad luck is the only luck you have then you will not have a chance!
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Wed 16th Feb 17:09
Global Warfare rated  Great
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Sun 19th Dec 12:18
WarGear Warfare rated  Perfect
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Thu 2nd Dec 15:39
Mars 2210 rated  Great
Always a fun board to play!
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Fri 29th Oct 15:58
3-Legged Race rated  Poor
great start...horrible finish
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