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26th Sep 2022 12:43
Message from Abishai
This guy managed to get 1960 in board rankings on Ancient Isles in 2 years of play...that's hard to top
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4th Aug 2011 14:11
Message from Dust
so bdf, i was really counting on winning this game (Europe 1560) ;) thx to you that left, i must recognize it was lucky, but this map is made to play on your nerves: the winners are always those who never give up this mess ^^ cya
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13th Jul 2011 23:44
Message from Patton
Dude, weak...we are in the midst of a tourney. I understand real life, but you can't sneak 5 mins every other day? I was looking forward to this tourney! I suppose I understand, but don't have to like it. See ya around, best of luck with whatever you are doing.
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19th Jun 2011 18:11
Message from Toto
You beat me this time. Nothing I could do against you. Congrats.
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29th May 2011 07:33
Message from dizbobo
You're right, this is so much better. Fucked for exams now
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21st Apr 2011 09:45
Message from Toto
Thanks for your message on my wall. It's always a pleasure to beat a good player like you.
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19th Apr 2011 19:23
Message from weathertop
not sure i was even in the game at that point, so prolly just a concession that backfired.
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13th Jul 2010 15:31
Message from asm
So far you and I have played against each other in 7 completed games. You've won 4, I've won 2, and somebody not us has won 1.
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1st Jul 2010 13:48
Message from Gimli
thanks! anyhow, always nice to meet cool new players! we will have to have some more epic battles soon! maybe I will win one!
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1st Apr 2010 01:07
Message from asm
Did I really eliminate everyone in a game that you won? That's pretty funny, and good work on your part for leading the entire way. Well done.
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