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I don't play defense.

Winner of the first tournament ever played on Wargear.

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13th Dec 2014 07:38
Message from Patton
Welcome back!
#116 of 136
11th Dec 2014 17:49
Message from Cumberdale
Bet you didn't see that coming! ;)
#115 of 136
11th Dec 2014 17:49
Message from Cumberdale
This is a reply! :D Hope things are good.
#114 of 136
7th Nov 2012 00:46
Message from Andernut
#113 of 136
17th Apr 2012 15:49
Message from DBA72
Dude...you're back?!
#112 of 136
17th Sep 2011 19:54
Message from norlingk
asm come back, any kind of fool could see There was something in everything about you asm come back, you can blame it all on me
#111 of 136
5th Sep 2011 01:57
Message from Yertle
Last Visit 31st Aug 2011 19:04 ??????
#110 of 136
2nd May 2011 22:04
Message from DBA72
where you been??
#109 of 136
15th Jan 2011 20:22
Message from RiskyBack
You know, if you don't get back here soon I am going to create a parody song about you using Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" Nobody wants that to happen.
#108 of 136
7th Jan 2011 23:47
Message from Alpha
Has asm returned?
#107 of 136
20th Dec 2010 18:23
Message from RiskyBack
So you really just up and left the site all together? I can't handle being the only voice of discontent around here. I'm too dry and sarcastic to be good at putting people in their place. We need you, our blunt object, to get stuff through people's thick skulls.
#106 of 136
13th Dec 2010 23:49
Message from RiskyBack
Let me catch you up on everything you have been missing: blah blah blah blah blah blah....etc, etc OH, and I made it to the 2nd page in the Global Rankings. Things just are not right!
#105 of 136
1st Dec 2010 21:41
Message from RiskyBack
Dude, are you ever coming back? There has been little fighting and name calling in the forums, Yertle is gaining more and more points in the Rankings and I'm getting tired of holding this entire site together with my monkey paws! Get your arse back here and help me out before everyone starts to forget their place.
#104 of 136
25th Nov 2010 18:08
Message from Mad Bomber
good guy!
#103 of 136
18th Nov 2010 09:52
Message from Nikolai
Oops, I mean this game: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/36886
#102 of 136
18th Nov 2010 09:52
Message from Nikolai
Join Team 3 in this game.
#101 of 136
16th Nov 2010 10:30
Message from Mongrel
#100 of 136
8th Nov 2010 10:04
Message from Yertle
Yo man! You didn't just stay in Greece did you?!?!
#99 of 136
4th Nov 2010 03:59
Message from toolman4052
sup man? i read your "about me" on warfish and had to follow your recommendation to this site! your recommendation was under-rated! this site takes the best of warfish, facebook, and modern day forums and puts it all together! how unbelievable! I thank you for your profile over on that site, because it led me to this site! I wish I knew who and where you were so I could get on my knees and suck on your penis, whether big or small :)
#98 of 136
29th Oct 2010 03:18
Message from AdamN
another notch on your 'dead fish picture' belt. I thought it a fitting ending to my time on ToS Thanks for the idea of the avatar.
#97 of 136
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