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A man there was, though some did count him mad,

The more he cast away, the more he had.

He that bestows his goods upon the poor,

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12th Jan 2011 09:59
Message from Mad Bomber
very strong player
#83 of 163
2nd Jan 2011 13:29
Message from Jigler
#82 of 163
1st Jan 2011 18:01
Message from Jigler
Hey, i saw that risky gave you the award for "everyone's best friend," congrats! I think that shows that you're doing a great job of reflecting Christ, even online. In your character, concern, and honestly people can see genuine love, and weather or not they know at first, it will eventually point them straight to Christ. That's awesome. Keep it up, and God bless you brother.
#81 of 163
10th Dec 2010 12:26
Message from RiskyBack
That win just gave me 8 Championship points and now I have a total of 20! I have 20 Championship points? Me? I suck at this game and I have 20?! 20!!!! Seriously, I have 20 Championship points?
#80 of 163
6th Dec 2010 13:33
Message from RiskyBack
Do you have any thoughts on Wolf 359? All the other games the Borg had destroyed but I think there is a slight chance it could be that I just know the map better. Also, I can't get scenarios to work at all and I am sad
#79 of 163
2nd Dec 2010 00:13
Message from Edward Nygma
Thanks Yertle!
#78 of 163
1st Dec 2010 13:17
Message from Johnny Yuma
Hey man thanks for the good words. I was tooling around the forums and saw that you're in Kansas City. Me too.
#77 of 163
26th Nov 2010 09:33
Message from Jigler
I notice that most of your boards have multiple scenarios, is that something most map makers are doing here? and how can i know the differences between scenarios?
#76 of 163
18th Nov 2010 14:14
Message from Jigler
all your WG boards have awesome graphics. what program do you use? And do you have any trick to coloring the territories the way you do (with the slightly darker outline)?
#75 of 163
16th Nov 2010 18:51
Message from RiskyBack
I WANT TO BEAT HIM OVER THE HEAD! (You can figure out who and you already know why)
#74 of 163
14th Nov 2010 22:48
Message from BlackDog
Hey man, wanted to let you know that ZSOA is missing the Utah/Idaho bonus. Great map by the way!
#73 of 163
11th Nov 2010 23:30
Message from RiskyBack
So I've been playing Siege07 on Force Unleashed a lot and he is killing me using a totally defensive strategy. It's really annoying but it seems almost unbeatable since I have yet to see him lose with it. I say we take him out to the bike racks after school!
#72 of 163
10th Nov 2010 04:50
Message from CiscoKid
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Yertle, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! You 26 yo young whipper snapper!
#71 of 163
8th Nov 2010 15:24
Message from BlackDog
Thanks, I've had a pretty nice streak the last couple of days, I don't think I'll have as many easy points moving forward.
#70 of 163
8th Nov 2010 15:12
Message from BlackDog
Congrats on the #1, watch your back though! :)
#69 of 163
7th Nov 2010 11:33
Message from Cumberdale
wow - your contributions to this site are amazing Yertle - I just saw your message in the forum and checked out the page of your boards. Wow!
#68 of 163
7th Nov 2010 09:01
Message from Jigler
thanks so much! i really appreciate it! (i changed the name of my board but it doesn't show the new name... will it later or something?)
#67 of 163
7th Nov 2010 00:20
Message from Jigler
oh, and how do i change a map name?
#66 of 163
7th Nov 2010 00:12
Message from Jigler
what is a capital city?
#65 of 163
6th Nov 2010 15:20
Message from Jigler
trying to start designing, is the an info page to learn the ropes?
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