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12th Apr 2011 12:26
Message from Johnny Yuma
Hey Yertle. I saw some of the conversation about that competition. Sounds like a really cool idea. Two months might be just enough time to get me off my butt. Thanks for the heads-up.
#103 of 163
3rd Apr 2011 08:56
Message from dl3mk3
I tweaked my review of Base9, might have been a little harsh. I'm still not a fan of the map, but i can see how people may like it. "auto-abandonment" maybe is a warfish term-I was alluding to the fact that you can leave zero units behind in a territory.
#102 of 163
31st Mar 2011 20:55
Message from Cumberdale
Looks awesome Yertle. Thanks for keeping my legacy alive. :)
#101 of 163
29th Mar 2011 19:24
Message from Jigler
Amen :)
#100 of 163
18th Mar 2011 02:54
Message from RiskyBack
Yert, I wrote out a whole lot until I realized that I don't want the people here to know I'm actually human. I'm cool, all is great, you'll be downloading books from me someday and I am still the most prolific Online Map Maker of All Time!!!!! Oh, and thank you for everything ever, you are the best!!!!
#99 of 163
17th Mar 2011 13:10
Message from Edward Nygma
Done, thanks!
#98 of 163
14th Mar 2011 22:29
Message from weathertop
i just opened up a scenario with random placement on CoD; maybe should eliminate the neutral bashing a bit. :^)
#97 of 163
8th Mar 2011 10:28
Message from RiskyBack
Congratz on your new baby! I'm in the process of looking for a new job so I guess tom can shut down the site now.
#96 of 163
4th Mar 2011 20:38
Message from RUTHLEZZG
I thought id let you know your Mission board sucks, good job making a board with less countries how ingenius of you!
#95 of 163
3rd Mar 2011 21:53
Message from Thingol
Baby #3? There goes your playin' days.
#94 of 163
20th Feb 2011 22:32
Message from M57
Probably still haven't played it enough, and I'm noticing that you haven't changed it, but I'm still thinking that 4,4,4 cards on Micro Mission is about right. With such a small board there is enough incentive to attack as it is. The 3 through 7 thing is too just gimmicky for what I think will become a classic miniature.
#93 of 163
6th Feb 2011 05:28
Message from ecko
Ok, thanks for the infos on this map :)
#92 of 163
2nd Feb 2011 14:00
Message from Rasputin
hey bud, i just wanted to let you know that I have 3 WHOLE points whoooooooooo, i love this site, i just want wizards and quidditch so i can be number 1 on the site haha j/k.
#91 of 163
30th Jan 2011 09:34
Message from RiskyBack
My good friend, I just want to let you know that I am playing the heck out of Micro Mission and AstroGear. Micro Mission is great looking and just fun. The gameplay on AstroGear is underrated to the extreme! The small starting units with larger minimum per turn along with the fog is a great combo and anybody who doesn't get it......well, they don't get it! Ran into a roadblock with Ghostbusters so it will be delayed but I think I've worked out what I want, just can't seem to draw it.
#90 of 163
29th Jan 2011 16:50
Message from Kit-chan
Ne, Yertle, can i make a request for you to make a seperate version of Seven Kingdoms that uses simulgear? It'd definitely make things more intense ~~
#89 of 163
27th Jan 2011 17:50
Message from KommisMar
Hey Yertle, you've done a good job with the Micro Mission map. So far I'm having a lot of fun with it.
#88 of 163
24th Jan 2011 02:20
Message from Rasputin
whats kobra's handle on here? Rasputtttttttttin
#87 of 163
22nd Jan 2011 14:30
Message from Rasputin
hey yertle I'm here, give me the info
#86 of 163
19th Jan 2011 23:00
Message from General Crank
Hi Yertle - I received your e-mail, but I'm unsure how to join the game tournament?
#85 of 163
12th Jan 2011 14:11
Message from Amidon37
Is there a missing bonus on the Zombie board? IA-IL?
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