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Thu 30th Jan 00:20
Battlestar rated  Superb
Great board with a lot more strategy than it first appears to have. Clear and easy to grasp gameplay but knowing just when to strike and the path to do it takes strategy. Very fun to play!
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Thu 28th Feb 01:01
Fun board that plays well to the theme! Graphics are nice and clear and the gameplay actually flows seemingly like the good old game without being overly complicated or too un-Risk-like. Good board to play to try something new!
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Thu 28th Feb 00:49
1790 rated  Good
For a USA theme, this board has nice layout and movement (which is harder than it seems). I do think there could be some minor detail improvements with finishing up the graphics (ie Board/Scenario name, bonus structure, custom Fog), but nothing major.
Overall good basic Risk-style board with simple to understand Rules.
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Wed 23rd Mar 16:39
Of Kings and Men rated  Perfect
I love it! Perfect! Great graphics (although maybe some potential tough spots due to the Dual layers) with a great layout. Risk and reward of the Capitals is excellent and the continents are nicely set. Nice board size and rules, not necessarily a beginners board, but not too complicated either. Just an overall fun game!
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Thu 17th Mar 11:29
Circles of Death rated  Good
I prefer the Random Scenario over the other Scenarios due to less neutral bashing. Random Scenario seems balanced and well setup with getting fighting between players on early! Nice work on that Scenario!
Everyone should play this at least once just because of the awesome fill work done on the graphics, completed prior to Dual layers, this board is very cool looking!
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Mon 14th Mar 16:33
Wargate SG-1 rated  Great
I like it, but I don't :p Graphics are amazing and superb, gameplay is overall cool and fun, but attempting to match up the icons with the addresses is quite cumbersome. This plays a big role in both attacking and bonuses so it's a pretty big part of the gameplay. Overall though, the game can be played without getting super annoyed, and also I don't have a better idea for it to even suggest, so that's just the type of board it is.
Again, good gameplay overall, may not be for everyone but good original experience!
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Mon 14th Mar 16:25
Ribbon World rated  Great
Good command and conquer board. Fun movement around the board and great graphics that help. Good board for players that just want that take over the world style.
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Mon 14th Mar 16:23
Axes and Allies rated  Perfect
Perfect board, don't think I would change a thing about it. Excellent graphics with excellent gameplay that involves both teamwork and individual strategy.
It's complicated to play well, so hang in there and take your time with your moves, but awesome awesome games can be played on this board.
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Mon 17th Jan 12:03
Apocalypse Soon rated  Great
Great solid board! Fun layout, nice and balanced with just enough originality to not make it the basic command and conquer board but easy to play and understand.
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Thu 30th Dec 11:06
Feudal Japan rated  Good
I haven't played the board much, but there is something about it that I like. I seen the graphics come a long way from the original, which was awesome to see and now the board looks great! Gameplay is quite interesting and fun (even though for some reason I think it shouldn't be :p). Seems like a good board to throw a bunch of players in for just a big bash to see if you can get a good foot hold and take the game. Nicely done!
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Thu 30th Dec 11:00
Lord of the Gears rated  Good
Good Risk variation board. Basic gameplay with the twist due to the strongholds. Nice board to play on for those looking for command and conquer gameplay with a LotR theme!
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Thu 30th Dec 10:56
Land and Sea rated  Superb
Superb board! Graphics are nice, clean, and clear. Gameplay has the basic Risk take with some great variation due to the Sea aspect. Excellent layout and bonuses seem very nicely done! Fun board to play with Teams as well and can hold a good amount of players.
Seems like a great board to have multiple Scenarios on so I definitely hope to see more in the future!
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Thu 30th Dec 10:50
Mario 3 -- World 1 rated  Great
Great clear quick map! Great layout and features, potential for give and take gameplay and comebacks are possible even when thinking you're down and out, so never give up! Excellent execution of the Mario boards!
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Thu 30th Dec 10:48
9 Blocks rated  Great
Great simple quick fun board! Fairly basic as far as gameplay, but cool layout and movement along with great graphics make this a great board to play on!
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Thu 30th Dec 10:47
Salem's Dusk: Classic rated  Great
Magnificent board with unique gameplay! Board is definitely one of a kind, it's quite simple to learn but a different experience every time. Great use of attacks and fog and settings. Very awesomely done!
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Tue 9th Nov 14:49
Perfect! Pretty quick to learn SimulGear board, but difficult to master and provides numerous different strategies for such a quick small board. Graphics look great as well (some player colors may be a bit tougher to see than others, so pay attention!).

Protect your saber! "This weapon is your life."
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Tue 9th Nov 14:44
World War rated  Superb
Excellent graphics with Risk gameplay. Board holds a good amount of players, although when getting low there can be some stacks of troops sitting around. Definitely a must play for all WarGear players!

Again beautifully wonderful graphics and layout! Superbly done!
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Tue 9th Nov 09:55
Comic Book Arcade rated  Great
CBA seems to be a good solid board. Try and grab a bonus and get to the other side while managing your attacks and defense. Quick gameplay that seems to be balanced. Nice concept and nicely executed!
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Tue 12th Oct 15:52
Fallout rated  Superb
Awesome board and gameplay! Great strategy is involved but the board is easy and quick to pick up on. Be sure and never give up as an attacker can easily damage themselves!
I still like the thought of the original version better (no capitals and always increasing cards), but haven't seen those two factors play too big of a role in the games I've played on the board. I do hope to see a few more Scenarios evolve from the board and I bet there could be some fun come out of those too!
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Tue 12th Oct 15:45
Medieval Europe rated  Great
Excellent board! I'm surprised by some of the Ratings, I think this is a great Risk board. It has the basic Risk gameplay but the overlapping bonuses do give it a nice kick. Graphics are solid and smooth. Definitely one of my recommendations to give a try, especially for newer players or those looking for the basic Command and Conquer.
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