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8th May 2014 06:21
Message from CISworsky
I apologize if what Magnum and I did regarding an alliance has in anyway made you not want to play this map or any single player game on the site. That is not our intention. I have played a few games with Magnum and we have formed alliances in the past. We tend to play the LotR map quite a bit and have just run into each other more often than other players, and because of this have communicated during games. Again, I do not want to ruin your experience on this site or during games. That is not fair to you, and no player has the right to take away another players enjoyment of the game. I do not expect you to reply to this at all, but I felt it was necessary to at least send an apology to you personally so you know that I understand your frustration and in no way, shape, or form intended to make you not want to continue playing a game that all of us on this site enjoy. Thanks for your time reading this and I hope to see you in future games Sworsky
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