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14th Dec 2010 00:23
Message from Kjeld
What are your thoughts on Hordes of China? Is it a pass?
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19th Nov 2010 02:20
Message from Kjeld
Yeah, I am planning to bring it over. I've been a little pressed for time lately, but hopefully in Dec/Jan I can get some breathing room to work on that one, because I do like that map. Also, I'm enjoying the Diplomacy dev!
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21st Oct 2010 14:09
Message from RiskyBack
Hey Toaster! Haven't seen you around much, which makes me sad, but I am hoping that all is well and please, please tell me that you have a version of Axes & Allies ready for when the bugs get worked out of SimPlay! We really need a good strategy map. P.S. I Love Pipe Dreams!
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3rd Sep 2010 01:12
Message from ml10
hi, why is not possible any more to play lighting game in Wargear Warfare
#17 of 40
4th Jul 2010 20:16
Message from Genkiwi
I have noted that you are playing a game with ASHM in it. ASHM is a CHEAT, he is also the player VITO. Everyone should read this.................http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/939/ASHM_and_VITO....................
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1st Jul 2010 18:43
Message from kaos94
im talking about ur wargear warfare board, you need to change some dice settings if its possible. its gonna be great, a lot of people wish to play a strategy game! i hope its possible to reduce this "luck factor"
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1st Jul 2010 18:33
Message from pechin
In fact, if you come to see merit in this you may want to take this effort over?
#14 of 40
1st Jul 2010 18:30
Message from pechin
Thank you very much for joining. I'm only trying to see if the luck factor in the game can be reduced.
#13 of 40
1st Jul 2010 03:30
Message from kaos94
man, u need to change ur dice settings, ur board is about luck and no longger about strategy, u wish to be near to the classic game, but ur so far
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15th May 2010 15:57
Message from BlackDog
On pipe dreams, what is the logic behind some of the pipes having neutrals and others not?
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13th May 2010 13:27
Message from RiskyBack
What happened with your Crossword Map?
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30th Apr 2010 19:14
Message from IRoll11s
I've never lost to Toaster because my popup blocker fu beats his buttery attacks.
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10th Apr 2010 16:23
Message from asm
There once was a player named Toaster And this guy was a pretty big boaster But then he met me, And now he can see, If Toaster's the most I'm the most-er
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8th Apr 2010 15:48
Message from legonate
i did it.
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7th Apr 2010 16:23
Message from legonate
thanks, I'll try
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4th Apr 2010 09:48
Message from legonate
how do you make an animated picture?
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1st Mar 2010 16:55
Message from Yertle
Heyas, just curious if you purposely set the Player Background color to White for Pipe Dream? That results in not having the Card names display since they are white text.
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20th Jan 2010 21:45
Message from Edward Nygma
Do you think skeeball is live worthy?
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23rd Dec 2009 02:13
Message from Ender
Awesome looking wargear RISK board...
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8th Nov 2009 21:27
Message from IRoll11s
First Post!!11 LOLOLOL
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