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Risk is a game you cannot win without making ally's in the game.
Even when all seams lost, if you work together you can accomplish a lot. So let me know if you want to make an alliance.

If I have a continent next to you and place the same amount of units. I mean no harm, just a truce. I will not attack.

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24th Jun 2014 13:31
Message from TheTiger
Enjoy playing with this player...respectful and friendly. Recommend him as a teammate
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25th Jan 2014 10:02
Message from WalkTheLine
By joining my team in the War of Roses tournament, you prevented someone I invited from joining my team. I would have appreciated the courtesy of you remaining on my team rather.
#13 of 14
18th Dec 2013 14:37
Message from qwerty
Fast player
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4th Nov 2013 06:18
Message from falcon21000
we need a third player for a quick one if you're interested. :)
#11 of 14
15th Oct 2013 10:05
Message from falcon21000
I thought that you were maybe some other player that I met sometime ago,but couldn't remember his name. I'll keep that in mind.
#10 of 14
15th Oct 2013 09:10
Message from falcon21000
ok. I'm sorry you had to witness that. I don't usually get pissed off at somebody like that,but this guy and "thegreatcanadianconquerors" are terrible players. They are not very good at playing the game(the other one is clueless and a hothead) but are excellent at accusing other players for any reason at all. I came across the other-one's accusations and insults on my and several other's profiles. I don't support this kind of behavior(mine) on the internet and I don't want you to think of me as a person who talks to everyone without a shred of respect towards them. BTW did you use to have a picture of a donkey on your profile?
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15th Oct 2013 08:53
Message from falcon21000
how about a 1vs1?
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15th Oct 2013 08:42
Message from falcon21000
This is a 5th game that I know of(I played a few more,but I didn't pay enough attention to know for certain) that HangTen ruined intentionally to help Sim88(and he accused me of cheating with another player ranked above 2000 and put on an enemy list) or because he is an idiot. Pay attention to this when you play against him.
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15th Oct 2013 08:15
Message from falcon21000
nevermind...to late
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15th Oct 2013 08:11
Message from falcon21000
help me against pink in africa(so that i can have south america) and i'll help you in north america by removing my units and weakening his. deal?
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22nd Sep 2013 04:27
Message from falcon21000
how about a one on one now? few minutes per turn?
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21st Sep 2013 14:42
Message from ActionRaccoon
Good Game on Conquest6! Thanks for Hosting.
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21st Sep 2013 12:56
Message from ActionRaccoon
Also would like it if you attacked blue
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21st Sep 2013 12:54
Message from ActionRaccoon
K buddy I'll make you a deal. Dont attack Africa, and I wont attack your asia
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