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I notice that this game has me easily win the inconsequential moves but has me constantly lose the consequential ones (sinse stats don't differentiate between them).
Plus the stats also don't differentiate between losing internet connection versus consciously not taking one's turn (which I don't expect the game to know that anyway) OR between consciously not taking one's turn versus choosing the "surrender" option...which the game DOES know and therefore SHOULD show!

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23rd May 2014 06:21
Message from Frac
what can you do...gg
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23rd Mar 2014 10:34
Message from Chinnie
Perfect Tankman, let's get this one filled :)
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30th Sep 2013 19:31
Message from gazz
lol,I"ve only won 2 of 6 against u,lol,bggr
#5 of 7
21st Sep 2013 12:49
Message from ActionRaccoon
Alright buddy I got a good deal for you. Attack Siam, Leave Australia, And Toto and I will cover you in North America. Make Sure Siam is Well Guarded enough so others can't Attack Australia. But don't try to come into Australia.
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19th Sep 2013 19:35
Message from ActionRaccoon
Good luck in Yankee! Tell you what man, cuse your getting a bad start to the game, how about a deal? Don't attack Iceland. And I'll help you some where else ok?
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8th Sep 2013 19:07
Message from Chinnie
I feel sorry for you having that teammate you had in the tournament =(. Maybe we can have a better match next time!
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20th Aug 2013 22:49
Message from gazz
hope u gonna play partner,GL
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