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3rd Jan 2013 12:28
Message from Romper Stomper
This guy is a total [email protected]
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19th Dec 2012 07:41
Message from Aqqadi
fuckin wanka
#19 of 20
28th Jul 2012 06:42
Message from franyosoy
Well, one vote more against this crappy player. PLAY, SURRENDER or LEAVE this website. Your attitude should be fined by Wargear.net
#18 of 20
12th Nov 2011 13:52
Message from zdisabled36
Please don't join games with me anymore. What's the point in playing if you're not going to play?
#17 of 20
12th Nov 2011 13:44
Message from zdisabled36
Would you please surrender if you're not going to play anynore? Or, take your turns and play out the game. Please?
#16 of 20
8th Nov 2011 13:08
Message from flyingbelgium
Misschien werkt onze taal beter? Maak je spellen af of geef op. Eikel!
#15 of 20
5th Nov 2011 23:49
Message from Rasputin
guess you still haven't learned anything, games take way too long with you man
#14 of 20
5th Nov 2011 22:12
Message from emz
Stop wasting everyone's time (see below, and below, and below) and surrender if you're done playing. We get the ranking changes and the win record whether you surrender or are booted. Waiting to get booted is just being childish. You're like the kindergartner who can't get the toy he wanted because Johnny has it instead, so you go sulk and pout in the corner. If you walk away from your failures IRL, as opposed to facing them, you have yourself set on a path of true misery.
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20th Oct 2011 19:26
Message from Paulville
looks like is classic for u, leave a game when your skills are proovin how crappy player u r
#12 of 20
11th Aug 2011 16:35
Message from Andernut
Real classy. Play until the point you do not think you are going to win - then stop playing until you are booted. You take your turns in other games, but force me to wait around for you to auto-boot instead of taking the turn. There's no bonus for forcing people to wait around for you to boot when you're going to lose.
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30th Jul 2011 08:27
Message from GeneralMustard
Haysmike surrendered, but you did not accept. I know you dont like surrendering, but when other players want to surrender and not get booted, you should at least accept. WHats the point of playing, if your going to play alone and by yourself... Its not an honourable way to win a game
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30th Jul 2011 08:00
Message from GeneralMustard
I'm going to echo what every post on your wall reads: Surrender is you no longer want to play
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23rd Jul 2011 20:43
Message from AppleCat
if you are going to be a poor looser and stop playing when you can't win, get off this site.
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17th Jul 2011 14:57
Message from Paulville
sorry man!! I connect with 3 games against you, start playing one, more than one turn, and you disconnect, so I win 3 games in a row. Sorry!!
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16th Jun 2011 13:53
Message from Warrior Mentor
go or surrender! Either way i don't care but play out your turn. Your rap sheet below is consistant. No respect for you Belgium!
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1st Jun 2011 18:43
Message from Lock Step
fight or die i dont care, just go
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9th May 2011 15:18
Message from flyingbelgium
Tom! If you are going to Leave a real-time game..... either surrender or vote to end the game. don't just make people wait from you to time out.
#4 of 20
6th May 2011 18:47
Message from renjason
ok... that's a bit nonconstructive, Silent-Strike.
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6th May 2011 14:25
Message from Silent-Strike
such a loser!!!
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6th May 2011 14:11
Message from renjason
Tom! If you are going to Leave a real-time game..... either surrender or vote to end the game. don't just make people wait from you to time out.
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