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4th Dec 2014 01:31
Message from drowzdrewz
in civilwarxvii i see no need for us to build up against each other. i won't build up any more if u don't. blue and yellow r the 2 big dogs so we should focus on them, I'm mostly focused on blue but i can help out w yellow some as well.
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26th Sep 2013 21:59
Message from psilofyr
Hey I made some tweaks to that Westeros board, its good to go for a test game! http://www.wargear.net/games/join/306167
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21st Jul 2012 02:00
Message from PenumbralRadiance
So, what would you say to tweaking the Civil War 1860 map slightly so that the territory names of the cities on the map include the bonus they provide, eg. "Detroit +1", "Mobile +0", "Atlanta +3"? It would make it much more user friendly without adding any visual clutter since it will only appear on the mouse-over text.
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30th May 2012 09:20
Message from WAR
I thought i'd check the progress of "Euro war" game, but the game has ended!! So very, extremely sad to see it actually come to an end! Would gladly play another game with you guys. I would love it to be three player but seeing that that is not an option perhpas we can recruit an extra player. what do you think? If only the third play could be a neutral, that would be perfect! PS do you think we broke the record for the longeat game on Wargear? with the largest number of troops on the board?!!!
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2nd Jun 2011 08:51
Message from General Domination
I like the Civil War map, but you may want to check your spelling of "Cinncinatti."
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1st Apr 2011 01:44
Message from Red1
Ha another warfish convert! Well I like the map its turning into a very good game. Thanks for making the map.
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31st Mar 2011 17:42
Message from Red1
OOOHHHHHHH! That makes sense. I didn't notice the subtle white circle around the port city. Duhhh! Thanks
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31st Mar 2011 17:00
Message from Red1
HAy I'm playing a game on your board and I have captured all of George but didn't get any bonus. Can you look at it for me? I'm not suure how to tell you which game? Gmae created? 2011-03-24 12:06
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12th Dec 2010 16:25
Message from DBA72
My map is now a live map. I'll create a new live game.
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