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13th Jun 2016 15:41
Message from RoyalCrown
Update from earlier post in 2015. Player still abandons game when losing like a coward.
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2nd May 2016 09:49
Message from falcon21000
Lies about alliances. His word means nothing. Keep that in mind.
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9th Oct 2015 09:29
Message from RoyalCrown
Player abandons game when losing like a coward. Due to these actions I recommend not playing this player.
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25th Aug 2014 13:14
Message from pugilist82
For some reason, your game is in my games section.
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11th Aug 2014 02:49
Message from AKeeFa
Hey Stuart - can you check the message I sent you for the AA Worldboard game we're teamed up in. Very important you change your moves asap (1day on timer left).
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12th Aug 2013 15:20
Message from Teamster
I thought we were never going to find him.
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9th Aug 2013 00:04
Message from gazz
don't let your partner haggin
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9th Aug 2013 00:02
Message from gazz
play man
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20th Jun 2013 20:51
Message from PenumbralRadiance
Hey if you can check in to our LOTR middle earth team game and let me know what your troops are doing this turn it would be appreciated.
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18th Jun 2013 08:35
Message from Blood Stone
Contest Africa and I'll contest South America
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5th Mar 2013 22:27
Message from bobnonsense
hey is getting pretty strong in this one. Do you want to work together a bit?
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19th Feb 2013 11:07
Message from burton2012
good game mate, thanks for the lesson
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24th Jan 2013 23:34
Message from Mad Max
Strongly suggest that you close the A & A TEAM game that you set up with 10 minute play. Good play some times takes DAYS not minutes to do justice to the game and co ordinate moves with team players. Just a thought!
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15th Jan 2013 21:30
Message from stephengatt
i have cards next shot..
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15th Jan 2013 20:50
Message from stephengatt
Hi Stuart! Europe is tough. What do you want to do... One of us can take south america.. slowely.
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2nd Jan 2013 20:56
Message from in the bag
Hi our Colossal Game is starting 4P Fast Play your turn
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11th Dec 2012 18:09
Message from itsnotatumor
Lol, we never even started our Muster Game. Why Surrender? Wanna try again?
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