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Hey my name is Tim...I live in Bellbrook Ohio. I was introduced this site by a friend from work. I am also a musical artist. If you would like to hear some great new music just click the banner below. I am getting radio play all over the U.S. and overseas too.

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14th Oct 2010 11:25
Message from Wonder Woman
Tim: In game against Toto, try and get him out of NA and SA. With all the neutrals surrounding the borders, you can get the 2 bonus for SA. Don't worry if he takes Australia. Just start on the left and move East through Alaska and from Brazil (once you take over SA. Good Luck on that game!! WW
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19th Aug 2010 07:17
Message from Master Bratac
We can end this game quickly if you accept Hugh's surrender and then offer to surrender. I'm cool either way.
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4th Jul 2010 20:14
Message from Genkiwi
I have noted that you are playing a game with ASHM in it. ASHM is a CHEAT, he is also the player VITO. Everyone should read this.................http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/939/ASHM_and_VITO....................
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