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14th Jul 2013 15:26
Message from Jigler
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15th Dec 2012 03:01
Message from bmasera
So long as you can get your toe in the door of Oceania, no death Warrants will have been signed because all of his deployment will be needed to take back his bonuses. He won't have enough for push back too.
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13th Dec 2012 01:48
Message from bmasera
Hey. Darklord is going to run away with our game http://www.wargear.net/games/view/197227 if he's allowed to have two continents for very long. If I break one, he'll run all over me, and still win. Would you be open to following my line of 1's down there and keeping him from keeping Oceania? I'll keep him from holding Africa, and I'll also pull out of West Russia and we can keep a peaceful boundary between Russia and Europe. Is that ok?
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10th Sep 2012 10:24
Message from Muzuane Askari
Tank you very much, Solea. Good luck
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10th Sep 2012 09:16
Message from Muzuane Askari
Hi Solea, now that there are still room in the game of seven 7 of 2 players would you mind to "open" a new team and let b36torshavn play in the Spain-Serbia team? Thanks
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