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30th Jan 2013 23:26
Message from JaredCunningham
I wish, for sure a youtube classic :)
#17 of 17
28th Dec 2012 01:47
Message from MordorKnight
How about a non aggression agreement in the southwest on our american dream game? Red has been expanding without any pressure what so ever and is twice as big as either of us..
#16 of 17
4th Nov 2012 15:44
Message from bmasera
Nope, but I wrote to you in the game chat again, because I realized that by the way you're talking and some of the assumptions that you made during the game, that maybe you don't know how to view the history in-game? If that's the case, I described how you can do so in the game chat.
#15 of 17
26th Sep 2012 19:36
Message from Musashi
I'm good with a truce in cw9. Even if we work together, Triple B may have built up too much of a lead.
#14 of 17
12th Jul 2012 13:42
Message from Jumbolero
I disagree ;)
#13 of 17
18th Jun 2012 14:43
Message from Jumbolero
I agree
#12 of 17
11th Jun 2012 18:32
Message from bmasera
Are you interested in playing friendly for real, or are we just going to let the General win this one?
#11 of 17
11th Jun 2012 18:27
Message from bmasera
If that's what you call being "friendly", I hate to see what you call being mean!
#10 of 17
11th Jun 2012 17:17
Message from bmasera
The General left a gaping hole in his defenses from dakota 5 to raska 6, once through a lot of damage could be done? Just a thought.
#9 of 17
10th Jun 2012 08:41
Message from bmasera
By the way General Antares is playing, I think the three of us (you, riis and I) should ally until the General is eliminated. So yeah, we can be friendly.
#8 of 17
9th Jun 2012 19:11
Message from emschorsch
I will not attack you in America for at least the next 3 turns if you need those troops to defeat green.
#7 of 17
7th Jun 2012 19:29
Message from berickf
Didn't see that one coming.
#6 of 17
7th Jun 2012 17:17
Message from berickf
I took a city and a few single territories, but, unless everyone is on board, it looks like it might be to late.
#5 of 17
7th Jun 2012 17:10
Message from berickf
We need to all do that, but I'm on the opposite side of the map from pink. I'll do what I can though.
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6th Jun 2012 22:18
Message from Chris
Do you offer Wargear lessons? How much to learn to play like you?
#3 of 17
22nd Jul 2011 12:58
Message from timmy888
Damn it man! I was getting hungry!
#2 of 17
10th May 2011 13:28
Message from Andernut
I tried to take white off the board and missed a single spot in the north in the game "what up, let's kill one another." It would be a pretty easy takeout for you and you'd gain 4 cards.
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