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9th Jun 2012 20:37
Message from Slander
Darn. Missed it again. Try setting one up in the middle of the week. I'm much more likely to be online and able to join your team quickly during the week rather than in the weekend. I wish the site would make that easier. I posted about it on the forums - guess its on the list of enhancements, just might bit get added until later.
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9th Mar 2012 20:20
Message from Slander
Sorry I missed you. Tomorrow (Sat), I'll plan to jump on between 3-5pm EST. If that doesn't work, I should be online every afternoon next week - I play a lot more during the week than on weekends.
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8th Mar 2012 21:41
Message from Slander
I sent you a message via the message system. Is that a better way to communicate?
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23rd Feb 2012 02:21
Message from Slander
Hi. Did you want to play any more team games? If not, that's cool. Hope I didn't piss you off in a game, or something :)
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5th Feb 2012 22:44
Message from Slander
Also, I thought it might be fun to start a team tournament on the 'Mario 3 -- World 3' board. I have a cool trophy pic to use, so let me know if you want to team up for a tourney.
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31st Jan 2012 21:08
Message from Slander
Sounds good. Just ping me when you are ready.
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26th Jan 2012 12:18
Message from Slander
Sorry about that game not working out for us. When are you usually online? Then we can try to set it up when we're both online. I'm usually on between 5-10pm GMT (or 12-5 US eastern standard time), Mon-Fri. I'm also on occasionally between 2am-5am GMT (7-10pm US EST).
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25th Jan 2012 16:10
Message from Slander
Hi. Yeah, sounds good. I created this game: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/124282
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9th Jan 2012 09:37
Message from Jigler
Nice top rank there! Keep it up
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21st Dec 2011 21:19
Message from Slander
Greetings. Do you want to try to team up on this game: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/116556
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14th Dec 2011 19:37
Message from Dr Kaos
We could go back and forth like this all day. We'll just self-eliminate at this rate and RazingAces will win.. I'll leave Europe alone for a while and get rid of his stronghold in S America and you go for Africa.
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