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Tue 17th Dec 18:20
Seven Redux rated  Perfect
I love all of these boards. Might be worth putting into the description that occupying 23 territories DURING your turn (not at the beginning) will give you the win. Just lost a game assuming it worked like the old version. Alas.
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Wed 5th Sep 17:31
Operation Citadel rated  Great
Definitely seems like a good board, though I need some practice on it, most definitely.
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Wed 5th Sep 17:30
New Earth rated  Superb
I love this board. The border bonuses on the water create a wide variety of strategies.
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Wed 5th Sep 17:29
Metroid NES rated  Superb
With a good amount of fog, this board is a lot of fun. Looking forward to playing a few more games on it.
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Wed 5th Sep 17:28
Gearsweeper rated  Good
I enjoyed it. Not my favorite, but fun.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:29
Good map. Fun times. Not too complicated. Like it.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:29
Wargear Quest rated  Superb
I suck so bad at this board, but it's a great map.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:27
Hordes of Africa rated  Superb
Very cool hordes map.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:27
Gear Wars: Episode I rated  Fair
Not bad. Dice are too large of a factor, though.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:26
I've played on this board a few times and loved it every time. It's challenging and different every time. Love it.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:26
Colossal Crusade rated  Perfect
I love these huge boards. So much fun.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:23
AstroWar 2210 rated  Good
Fun board. Not my favorite of these, but not bad.
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Mon 23rd Apr 15:22
Anarchy rated  Superb
At first I wasn't too into this board, but after a couple of games, I absolutely love it.
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Thu 19th Apr 14:08
Capture the Flag rated  Superb
Always loved this board over on the other site. Well-adapted. Lots of ways for this board to pan out.
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Thu 15th Dec 11:55
RoShamBo rated  Superb
It's rock, paper scissors. It could only be better if you included lizard and Spock...
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Thu 15th Dec 11:55
Risk vs Reward rated  Good
Love the fact that this board requires you to really choose your battles. Taking one of the satellite continents is very risky if you're not sure that you can hold the continent that it's attached to, but the reward is so huge that you almost can't afford not to try.
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Thu 15th Dec 11:52
Mario 3 -- World 3 rated  Superb
Every one of these maps is fantastic. Thanks for another great one.
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Thu 15th Dec 11:52
Lord of the Gears rated  Great
Always love a good lord of the rings map. :)
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Thu 15th Dec 11:51
Dejeweled rated  Superb
Very well executed use of all of the more intricate functions of wargear. Love this board. :)
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Thu 15th Dec 11:50
This board has a lot of potential, but the bonus setup is so steep that once someone gets ahead, there's no catching them. Also, once that happens it takes an awfully long time for the game to come to a close. Attacking across mazes from blue/red squares to blue/red squares currently has a disadvantage, but I think that the game would be more fair if it were actually the attacker's advantage in that situation.
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