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11th Jan 2012 15:21
Message from Severene
Jaffa - Kree!
#15 of 15
20th Sep 2011 16:44
Message from Hugh
I should say that I saw some (very few) "self-trapping" moves either of you could have made, but it would have taken a miracle to get you or your opponent to fall into those positions. By playing fairly simply, just going towards open space, the draw was almost definitely forcible (I have no proof, but it seems pretty clear that there will always be space unless someone stupidly traps themselves.)
#14 of 15
13th Sep 2011 20:51
Message from Hugh
Indeed, you'll just chase each other around with no real hope of the other player trapping themselves. I was aware of the possibility, but that's the first one I've ever seen. Congrats!
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26th Aug 2011 12:57
Message from Mongrel
one career ends, another begins.
#12 of 15
3rd Aug 2011 20:43
Message from DBA72
No worries...I'm not quitting!
#11 of 15
5th May 2011 19:55
Message from theodoredaley
Let's see if we can do this one more time Master Bratac!
#10 of 15
3rd Nov 2010 14:22
Message from wurzel133
it does seem that gimli just cant give up
#9 of 15
19th Oct 2010 12:11
Message from Gimli
yeah, it was fun. Anytime someone just needs a bit of help to shoot themselves in the foot publicly.... I'll be happy to help. But he got tired of the humiliation and finally realized he was grasping at straws, so he went for help. But he will always get props for leaving the comments up.
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16th Oct 2010 12:36
Message from Gimli
Isn't it time for you to learn to mind your own business, especially since you don't seem to care much for rational thoughts? If you need to know, Wurzel's many lies were exposed, proved and he got tired of being embarassed. So he appealed to the Wargear Gods for divine intervention begging for an enforced peace. It was granted, and unless he lies like he did before and starts things again after saying he was done, it is done between us.
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30th Sep 2010 20:09
Message from Alpha
any suggestions for a version of seven with dice?
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29th Jul 2010 11:54
Message from Kjeld
ditto StepOnMe
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29th Jul 2010 00:26
Message from StepOnMe
I'll rejoin it if you need me to, but you'll have to provide a link since I've already removed it from my list of open tournaments. I'm trying to cut down on the number of games I have going since work added a new security filter recently. :/
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3rd Jun 2010 11:40
Message from wurzel133
tell him that he is the 1 making a fool of himself with his bad language and abuse! Read the whole thing i think i have sworn once he is a very rude little boy!
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15th Mar 2010 16:59
Message from Mongrel
Stinky gear.
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2nd Mar 2010 12:15
Message from Edward Nygma
Welcome aboard
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