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Hugh was/is the best player.....the guy has nearly 200 loses from boots

I play more than three boards....

i want equal amounts of blueberry's in every muffin

Negative 22 r 1.......

Only Thingol knows my pain

It's been fun..... very few people know 1/7

Mad Bomber's Wall

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14th Sep 2011 08:51
Message from TrizOz
Ok I ll attack him and only him, like i did for the last few rounds... he is way too solid, i didnt know about his fog skills !!! Good luck !
#18 of 118
11th Sep 2011 20:44
Message from TrizOz
Nothing personal man :) Look at it more as a payback for taking my bonus away ! I ll get my territory back and leave you alone for a bit.
#17 of 118
18th Aug 2011 02:21
Message from Gimli
Thanks Mad Bomber... it is mostly due to 1v1 games... less left to chance. Bomb Factory a bit, a lot of Heavy Fog Antastic! Though my cabinet is not nearly as nice as yours! (in # and looks!)
#16 of 118
30th Jul 2011 12:14
Message from Scipio
If you can do some damage in Italy I think it will keep them off balance...
#15 of 118
30th Jul 2011 03:13
Message from Toto
Thanks for your message on my wall. I guess nobody will take from me the first seat of the tournament ranking for a while. You are not doing bad yourself. #2 in the championship with 174 points !!!
#14 of 118
27th Jul 2011 10:29
Message from DBA72
You're welcome! I pulled out that Aloha tournament for you.
#13 of 118
23rd Jul 2011 23:54
Message from Hugh
Sometimes, there's a man. And I'm talkin' about Mad Bomber here. Sometimes, there's a man, well, he's the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that's Mad Bomber, in spot #2.
#12 of 118
8th Jul 2011 00:23
Message from Yertle
Congrats on hitting the #3 spot in Championship Points! Go catch BlackDog!!! :)
#11 of 118
6th Jul 2011 22:49
Message from Yertle
Dev games do not show up on the Games List.
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1st Jul 2011 15:39
Message from Yertle
Ummm, it's only been Live for about 50 minutes... :P I've played some Dev/Rev games on it, but those don't show on that list. Start one up! :D
#9 of 118
10th May 2011 12:37
Message from Edward Nygma
Pool was waiting to see if I should change anything that people suggested or keep it the way it was... I think I'm keeping it the way it was, I just submitted for review. Dodgeball's list confuses me too. There was at least a review game, but it was tainted because I only wanted it to be a team game, but it wouldn't let me review it as such.
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6th May 2011 02:51
Message from Wonder Woman
Nice collection of albums/trophies!! Hope to see you defend and win once again!! Thank you for the kind words. You truly are a force to reckon with. Alway good matches between us!! A worthy opponent. Thanks for all the great games!!
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22nd Apr 2011 18:11
Message from RUTHLEZZG
I am unclear what a "Prion" is. What is this message in refence to? TS
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12th Dec 2010 02:12
Message from Oatworm
In the words of Stalin, "Quantity has a quality all its own." When it comes to tournament trophies, they're words I live by. ;-)
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11th Dec 2010 09:57
Message from RiskyBack
I just found the graphics for Apocalypse Soon and so I'll get it out for you all. A lot of people have requested it and I'm a bit scared. Gauntlet has been pretty universally popular and I don't know if I'll be able to handle 2 maps that people actually like.
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10th Dec 2010 23:12
Message from RiskyBack
Not sure I understand but I am also not sure if that is the point
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6th Sep 2010 07:06
Message from Tesctassa II
Sry MB, I didn't read your posts on my wall. Do you still have doubts about the swiss system??? (=
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22nd Aug 2010 16:38
Message from Ardinos
LOL! I see you've watched the movie.
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