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Wed 14th Aug 08:38
Battle of Waterloo rated  Superb
A 2-player strategie game. Both players start at different places. The French start the game and have an early lead in tempo. The Brits must try to avoid an early win by making a strategical blokkade. If they manage to do this the Brits can take advantage of their surplus in units.

Planning is important, as well to master the concept of roads and hills. The game is fairly balanced out with neither the French nor the Brits having a big advangtage.

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Sun 4th Nov 07:09
Speakeasy rated Unrated
Very nice board. The combination of hordes and continents makes this board great. The board is easy accesibly because of the beercans, which are connected throughtout whole the board. I've seen the game play out in very different ways. Can be fast or slow. Best played with light fog.
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Fri 2nd Nov 15:50
Nice board. It's quite open and vulnerable board because of the fairrly easy accessable "gates". Easy to play, but seems to be hard to master.
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Wed 3rd Oct 08:36
Coffee Capital rated Unrated
The capital concept give a nice twist to an otherwise basic board. It's a good board for team strategie!
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Wed 3rd Oct 08:34
Rockem Sockem rated Unrated
I think, you think, I think I'm gonna attack you in A, so I attack you in B! Love the mindgames.
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Mon 18th Jun 17:10
Antastic! rated  Good
Nice board, but be prepared to have a long sit. Game usually ends in a stalemate with 3 or 4 players, which is a cooler. Board should have a little more passages to connect the north and south. You're interested in long and slow strategie games, go ahead, it's perfect for it.

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Tue 24th Jan 15:42
Happy Holidays! rated  Fair
I'm not a great fan of hordes style bonus, but apart from that the options are quite mediocre. Nice to play it once around Christmas, but that's it. Maybe I'll try it again next year.
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Tue 24th Jan 15:36
Anarchy rated  Good
Beautiful design and a refreshing concept of bonus armies. Lot's of armies, but not a lot of action. Game is over before you know it, but it's often one-sided. It's hard to balance this board since much comes down to your early dices and good opportunities to attack. 7 stars untill I've figured out if there's a decent strategie for this map.

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Fri 13th Jan 06:38
Resource rated  Great
Not a straightforward board. Game mechanics are the same, but bonus structure is different from continents or hordes. Best played with little or medium fog, else the game is too open.
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Tue 3rd Jan 09:40
War rated  Good
Good map, classic design. The lack of neutral armies make this make not suited for 1vs1 games. I prefer the wargear warfare map of this.
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Tue 3rd Jan 09:38
PipeDream rated  Fair
The graphics are nice, but the gameplay is a little too luck based in the early turns. In the end the game can stall because of the border modified dice.
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Tue 3rd Jan 09:34
Civil War rated  Perfect
Very nice big board. Best played with 12+ players. This board brings alot of possibilities to employ your strategie. The city's earn the most armies. You can play it fast or controllish. You can focus at one corner or spread it out. I've seen a lot of different strategies succeed.
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Tue 3rd Jan 09:31
Dejeweled rated  Average
This board is much fun. Make smart moves to lose your stones as fast as possible. But beware of the fact that in the end you have to be a little lucky. As it often comes down to a point where one player cannot win, but he can prefent somebody else from winning. Therefore he can "choose" the winner of the game.
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Thu 29th Dec 08:00
Titans of Italy rated  Good
The board seems to be bigger then it really is. The titans and ships are the only key-points in the map. Best played with 8-10 players.
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Sat 24th Dec 04:34
Random Mazes rated  Great
Fun board to play. Lots of armies in play. Hard to figure out where the defences of the opposing players are located, because they can be moved very quickly.
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Sat 17th Dec 15:08
Gotham rated  Great
The neutral armies provide protection for the small continents, while they need to be conquered for the big bonus. Good choices are more important then being lucky early.
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Sun 4th Dec 12:51
Australian Risk rated  Good
Ok map
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Sun 4th Dec 07:16
Helix rated  Average
Agressive board, develops often unbalanced. But the differenced in steps can make it more complicated.
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Sun 4th Dec 07:13
Medieval Europe rated  Great
Good fun board
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Sun 4th Dec 07:13
Battle USA rated  Average
mediocre board
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