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Rating distribution for IRsmart


Sat 12th Dec 05:34
LoTR Middle Earth rated  Good
It's not a bad board. But there is tendency to get into an everlasting stalemate for longer games. The territory unit limits and enclosed continents dont help this.
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Tue 4th Nov 03:01
Renaissance Wars rated  Great
Well thought out board with a multitude of strategies possible. That makes it interesting, as second guessing an opponent becomes more difficult.

Only real negative point: I do find it a bit tiring sometimes, having to search for matching symbols (even after playing it several times).
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Tue 7th Jan 07:19
Interesting addition to a world map. nothing too special, but just good!
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Tue 7th Jan 07:18
Britain of Old rated  Average
decent board. has some original aspects, but game play is rather dull.
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Tue 7th Jan 07:18
Feudal Japan rated  Good
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Tue 7th Jan 07:17
Crystal Caves rated  Superb
very good board. multiple tactics and versions make for good playability. Card values add an extra dimension and prevent stalemates.
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Wed 14th Aug 09:59
Earth Reversed rated  Great
nice board, plenty of attack options and territories for multiplayer games
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Wed 14th Aug 09:57
War Of The Roses rated  Superb
Really good map!
Tactical, with a bit of mystery, interaction with opponents as much as you like (or not), and a little luck required as well (= keeps you on your toes)!

I also like the background story. It fits well with the game play.

Map is good for one-on-ones, or a mass brawl ;)
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Thu 16th May 06:25
Arm Wrestle rated  Good
good board with an interesting degree of tactical play.
one down side is that two players who know most/all tactical options can play for a long time without a winner.
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Fri 7th Sep 08:30
Europe 1560 rated  Average
board design is good, but game play can be rather boring. A stalemate is reached in almost every game (without fog)
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Fri 7th Sep 08:28
Battle for New York rated  Great
Nice board. There are different strategies which can be applied, with no one strategy having an obvious preference.
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Fri 7th Sep 08:27
9 Blocks rated  Good
Not bad! game play can become a little predictable though
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Sat 25th Feb 14:04
Castles rated  Average
not bad
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Sat 25th Feb 14:04
Fall of Rome rated  Fair
not bad, but havent realy got the hang of it
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Sat 25th Feb 14:03
Land and Sea rated  Good
simpl, but good
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Sat 25th Feb 14:02
World War rated  Superb
the ultimate improvement to the original risk with more territories
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Sat 25th Feb 14:01
Micro Mission rated  Good
makes for fast and furious games. Luck does seem to play a large roll though
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Sat 25th Feb 14:00
Australian Risk rated  Superb
one of my faves. makes the original map somewhat more interesting
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Sat 14th Jan 08:14
WarGear Warfare rated  Superb
got to be the classic board
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