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14th Jul 2010 22:01
Message from Mongrel
Hey man old 5 tourney cancelled, new 5 tourney up, wont be the same without cha. Who's going to beat seige?
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31st Mar 2010 14:30
Message from El Conquistador
Yeah, developments game is still going on. I'm on 2 week vacation so that should slow things down considerably.
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17th Mar 2010 10:08
Message from Gimli
check my msg on our starcraft game board... basically start a bomb factory game and invite me to it just so we can discuss.
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15th Mar 2010 01:01
Message from Gimli
huh, here is some irony... your 1 boot of when you forgot to take your turn is exactly at the moment of Rememberance! Wed 11th Nov 11:00... now that is sorta funny. Protoss rule!
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28th Feb 2010 13:16
Message from zdisabled_009233ec
alright man I will take a look at that. Same to you to I really enjoy the challenge I get playing you!
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25th Feb 2010 11:44
Message from RiskyBack
I think that it's gonna have to wait until SimPlay or whatever it is gonna be called comes out. I'm probably gonna find another way to use the fog gimmick with a space battle before then, however.
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24th Feb 2010 17:08
Message from Edward Nygma
Great Spy game last round thought I had you for a while.
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23rd Feb 2010 21:08
Message from RiskyBack
Do you have any suggestions on 33? Cylons won both the games but did you feel as if the Colonial Fleet was at a disadvantage? Do they need more armies at the beginning?
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23rd Feb 2010 12:52
Message from asm
Thanks man! To be honest I was not completely sure I'd get there. Global War is really the key to the entire enterprise, and that list is a tough nut to crack. I certainly don't think you did anything wrong in that game; in a 7-player game either things are going to set up well for you or they're not. The big thing for me was winning a few games in the last couple games (that one included) that Dud was in.
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