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12th Jan 2012 22:10
Message from Ardinos
Sorry man, you're a bit too good for me on that board.
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18th Dec 2011 11:10
Message from TrizOz
i really appreciate the move man :) Not the first time that i hear that he is trying to fuck games up behind people's backs.. i agree with you, those 22 facing yours wont move before green is not a threat anymore. good game ;)
#28 of 49
12th Dec 2011 01:46
Message from GrandMaster B
Hey Hugh, thanks for the welcome...I'll be keeping an eye out for you.
#27 of 49
19th Oct 2011 22:54
Message from Yertle
No problem! Sorry for the delay!
#26 of 49
21st Sep 2011 11:06
Message from Master Bratac
My last planned effort was to trap BM's two free pieces in the loop between B4, A4, A5, A6, and B6. I knew I could force one of his free pieces into the loop. The only question was luring the other piece in. Increasing nastiness led me to choose to just surrender the game. Did I go to far in tinkering with the possibilities? I guess so.
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13th Sep 2011 15:03
Message from Master Bratac
In case you're bored, have you considered the possibility of a legitimate stalemate on this board? http://www.wargear.net/games/view/92130
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22nd Jun 2011 16:33
Message from Master Bratac
You've got to join the final five tourney.
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24th Mar 2011 14:39
Message from BlackDog
Wow.. impressive jump in rankings!
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24th Mar 2011 03:08
Message from Rasputin
night buddy
#21 of 49
24th Mar 2011 03:06
Message from Rasputin
and one day....it was gone (leaves rustling in the wind....) haha
#20 of 49
21st Mar 2011 23:45
Message from CiscoKid
Sorry bored with it.
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18th Mar 2011 14:40
Message from Master Bratac
Luckiest man in America.
#18 of 49
10th Mar 2011 18:04
Message from Mad Bomber
real real good
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9th Mar 2011 14:43
Message from eddlestar
hah - I knew I was opening the door. I was reading through the forums and saw someone had the signature "hugh is back!" or something like that... I was reading the thread requesting HTML5 support. Maybe I'll post a thread with a request, but the issues seems to be pretty apparent to everyone. WF is down again...
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9th Mar 2011 14:28
Message from eddlestar
look who's back actively playing again...
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2nd Mar 2011 21:11
Message from AttilaTheHun
I know you came through the artillery gun. I guess my comment about overestimating was based on the fact I had seen you in the bunker the turn previously and backed off thinking I couldn't break through. Until we meet again!
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2nd Feb 2011 15:04
Message from Rasputin
Hey Hugh nice to see you near the top, we have to play some time, your pal Rasputin or the RealRasputin as im know on here
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15th Sep 2010 22:06
Message from Master Bratac
Someone needs to play Risky's crappy maps.
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8th Sep 2010 12:39
Message from RiskyBack
Hugh? Hellloooooooooooo.....HUGH!!! I hope that you are just vacationing or something because it would really be a loss if you decided to leave the site. You are one of my favorite beta testers and really one of the good people on the site. If you have chosen another path just know that you are more than welcome to come back and beat me at any map any time you'd like.
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6th Aug 2010 13:44
Message from Cannon
Hey Hugh, yep it's the same Cannon from WF. Good dice in our future battles.
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