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Tue 20th Jan 14:42
Go-Geared rated  Perfect
Simple rules, difficult strategy, lots of skill levels. This board is attractive to anyone who likes to duel. It's easy to get hooked, because the rules are so simple. You'll start to see patterns very quickly: unlike Go or chess, you don't need to lose many games before you're playing at a decent level. For the expert, the learning process is never complete, which is why many of the site's top players keep playing it.

If you don't like the game coming down to one or two rolls of the dice, I recommend the diceless "pure skill" version. While the "pure skill" version is complex, it's nowhere near Chess, Go, Hex, or Octagons, at least not on the blank map. So if you're a purist and get bored, try the minesweeper and island scenarios.

The most popular scenarios right now are the "impure" 8-sided dice scenarios. These are attractive because you end up in positions you'd never see without the dice. There are more options for the creative player. The game can come down to one roll, which adds a level of excitement the diceless game can't offer.
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Mon 4th Mar 21:21
Game of Hordes! rated  Perfect
"You win or you die" - Riskyback

The real trick is figuring out how to win and avoid dying! Attrition levels are high. The board is unforgiving for those accustomed to the luxury of easy reinforcements. The game is usually decided very quickly.

Easy decisions are rare. Brutal decisions involving huge risks are the norm. I love it.
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Sat 15th Sep 15:40
I like duels, so I only play the 1v1 duel scenario. This is the best dice-based dueling board on the site.

Now, it has a learning curve, it is Simulgear, and you've gotta be willing to put in some effort. This is a game of informational warfare with Poker-like elements. Watching the history is essential to skillful play!

But, what there is to learn is not too bad: Sabers attack Purple. Purple attacks Blue. Blue attacks all. Red attacks the Sabers. Red attacks the Sabers more effectively than Blue, but someone might still attack the Saber from Blue! Lastly, Purple gives a +1 continent bonus.

What is the psychology of a typical game like? Initially, both players stake out some ground by taking Purples. Once your opponent takes a Blue, the pressure is on. Did he put a huge army there? Is he trying to knock your Saber out early or trying to get you to defend your Saber so he can gobble up Purples? Once he takes a Red, you've really got to worry about your Saber. But maybe he'll think you're going to defend it and decide not to attack, so you can get away with gobbling Purples. How seriously is he defending his own Purples? How many units does he have in different spots? (Remember, the history reveals much about your opponent's position when you attack him!)

In spite of the simplicity, there are several maneuvers you and your opponents can try that leads to a rich, complex, and exciting game that leaves you guessing at every turn.
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Sat 8th Sep 23:47
Octagons rated  Perfect
This board wins my vote for best diceless game on the site. If you want to play a game with dice or luck, this board is NOT for you.

The idea is simple: Make a connection from one side of the board to the other with tiles of your color. However, the strategy can be very difficult!

All of the scenarios are good. The simplest game mechanics are on the Large Start Squares scenario. There you just place half-octogonal tiles and try to make a connection. This is my favorite scenario.

But, I also like the originally intended Octagons game: You either place a half-octagon (using the upper left hexagon) on the board or you place two squares. Mostly, you want to use half-octagons, but there are times to use the two squares move. Once you get the hang of the mechanics, it's all fun from there!
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Sat 8th Sep 23:11
3-Legged Race rated  Perfect
This board wins my vote for best designed 3-player game on the site.

It's very difficult to find 3-player games that have interesting game play. This is a rare and special map. There are defensive borders giving you a better chance of holding your continents. Yet, because of the all-important race in the upper left, the game always ends. Also, the sniper stations allow invasions that can really impact a game.

In a vanilla game, no one touches the race until someone wins the triangle. If played out, the endgame takes about 5-6 turns. The naysayers complaining about the endgame have the option of resigning, which is pretty safe. (The odds are astronomical against the triangle winner losing.)

But really, there are other options than just trying to win the triangle. You can start in on the race at any time! It puts a lot of pressure on opponents because they don't want to fall behind, but they also want to win the triangle. Evaluating who's winning can be difficult when someone starts the race early. So, the long endgame only occurs when no one exercises the option to race. When it does come down to an actual close race, the ending is very exciting!
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