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Took a lot longer than most to transfer from WF, but I generally held my own there so hopefully I can keep it up on WG.

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31st Mar 2014 19:48
Message from The Cooler
Well played! Congrats on winning my "Find Blackbeard's Treasure" Tournament. It makes a nice for a nice trophy in your case.... :)
#9 of 9
17th Mar 2014 19:28
Message from Kancercakes
In Blackbeard's Treasure, let's truce and not take each others continents, or Cooler is going to run all over us. Tell me what you think.
#8 of 9
6th Mar 2014 14:33
Message from El Jefe
Yes, I am interested in a truce
#7 of 9
26th Feb 2014 19:42
Message from Lock Step
you were about to be able to roll up the balkans and i would have been in deep kemshi
#6 of 9
24th Feb 2014 14:29
Message from Lock Step
looks like you are loading up down south, I will stick to the treaty if you do.
#5 of 9
20th Feb 2014 09:22
Message from Lock Step
sounds good in conquest game
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10th Sep 2013 16:07
Message from TroysBucket
That's cool with me but I'm not Premium so I can't PM you.
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25th Apr 2012 14:47
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Shmeh ANT team game. kill me i have 3 cards and havent taken a card in 2 turns....take my cards and kill em all
#2 of 9
20th Apr 2012 14:07
Message from RUTHLEZZG
u could easily eliminate me in the Ant game and i dont object. i have 3 cards and was unable to get one this turn.
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