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My style has been described as: "...a drunk man on a 50-cal turret just firing in every direction." ~Marty

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21st Mar 2012 14:19
Message from DBA72
Bring it! I miss playing it, LOL...love that map
#6 of 6
26th Jul 2011 17:22
Message from Kahn
Hey I never seem to see your messages you really should text me or email me when you have a suggestion
#5 of 6
5th Jan 2011 22:38
Message from nullsignal
re-cross 5: you were convenient and exposed. I honestly didn't expect dafury to blow up the way he did. apologies--just my first game on the map, and it was a lousy strategy.
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8th Dec 2010 23:02
Message from cinsiggy
damn, you're on the top list of all players. sweet
#3 of 6
2nd Aug 2010 01:57
Message from asm
Ha! That one is a classic indeed. I probably won't stick with this pic for long, but for now it cracked me up so I stuck it on there ;)
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13th Dec 2009 08:33
Message from Cramchakle
Heh, I think if you take anything in the drama thread too seriously, then you'll get the wrong impression. I know that at least myself and a couple others in there are simply trolling folks from the Warfish community that we don't particularly care for. Yes, its immature and childish, (and apparently is giving people the wrong impression about this site right from the start), but its just one way to have fun. Assuming the site admin ever comes back to Warfish and does some active development, then yes, the competition will be healthy for both. If not, then I guess the drama thread becomes a documentary instead of a comedy. Either way, we're all just out to have some fun. There are quite a few maps coming up that start to utilize the new rules and tools available at Wargear. I hope you stick around long enough to see them. It does cost a little more here, but I still feel like its a great value compared to other ways I pay to entertain myself. It's good to see you around.
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