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20th May 2019 11:58
Message from mco5044
We ended up taking 2nd in the tournament. Great time playing together
#20 of 20
28th Jan 2019 16:25
Message from norlingk
I know it's cold up there, but don't miss your turn!
#19 of 20
12th Jul 2016 17:47
Message from warqueer
Nice playing with you and Im glad you got your tropy! :)
#18 of 20
28th Apr 2014 13:43
Message from GibDog
Agreed. I hope all is well with him, and that the boots were simply due to oversight. Nice of you to checkin on him.
#17 of 20
9th Mar 2014 22:15
Message from norlingk
I didn't think farmers took vacations! JK-- I've filled in for families several times!
#16 of 20
19th Jul 2013 14:24
Message from TroysBucket
This gal must come from a very violent farm - cuz her war skills are legendary.
#15 of 20
2nd May 2013 21:16
Message from Patton
Hey Farm Wife, wanted to apologize for not bowing out of the tourney so you could join Candy Cane, I didn't see the comment until today. Sorry.
#14 of 20
30th Apr 2013 17:21
Message from Hardratta
Regarding our question - he is about to and I agree with your assessment.
#13 of 20
21st Mar 2013 18:35
Message from MilesTeg
Hi! I just put up a beta test for a new board I'm working on. The game is called "Basic Theory Beta Test". I'd love to have your input on it. :) (Sorry... still not done with the Disney board)
#12 of 20
7th Jan 2013 08:11
Message from llama
no idea what polly graffs problem is...
#11 of 20
3rd Aug 2012 18:31
Message from 3EyedTitan
Hey could you leave team mad cow disease in the tourny, I was waiting for my friend to sign up.
#10 of 20
27th Apr 2012 15:08
Message from Slander
Looks like I finally won this one: http://www.wargear.net/games/player/138465 It was a hell of a battle, though :)
#9 of 20
17th Mar 2012 11:49
Message from Blood Stone
You're a real pain in the .... LOL!
#8 of 20
27th Dec 2011 15:36
Message from Mostly Harmless
I "would" say you're a great teammate who communicates very well, brings a lot of good ideas and instincts to the table, plays honorably, and is just a lot of fun to play with... but then everyone would want you for their teammate. ;-) Great job teammate on bringing home the Godfather tournament trophy... (could we trade it in for something a bit classier? :-) ).
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17th Nov 2011 22:09
Message from RUTHLEZZG
Best player in North America!!!
#6 of 20
27th Oct 2011 15:44
Message from RUTHLEZZG
thanks for the invite to the French game....although it brings back bad memories cause i had it won last time and lost!!!. Can u invite me and my friend BROWNFRIEND to some games? i cant join anymore games unless invited! But i love to play
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10th Sep 2011 07:30
Message from Sun Tzu Jr
Will I be out of the tournament if my partner doesn;'t show up?
#4 of 20
6th Jul 2011 09:19
Message from Hardratta
I was off to a lousy start in that game anyway - certainly no hard feelings. And none if you are the one that takes me out either. For now, I think we are just going to trade that territory back and forth.
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17th Feb 2011 12:02
Message from jamir
Good game we had, very well executed. Feel free to drop a line when you need a teamate.
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18th Nov 2010 03:50
Message from CiscoKid
Mrs. Death Dealer right?
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