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12th Apr 2011 12:08
Message from Yertle
Heya Fade, I thought you may be interested in this board design competition, http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/1502p1/First_Vote_for_Map_Making_CollectiveCompetition ? Competition is 2 months to have a Pangea themed board through Dev and ready to be voted on and put together in a collection. tom's thrown in a $100 prize as well. Hope all is well and hope you can perhaps make the competition! =Yertle
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13th Aug 2010 10:07
Message from Cannon
Good to see you here, and thank you for bringing one of the best maps.
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12th Aug 2010 11:04
Message from RiskyBack
Great to have you here Fade and I am so happy Mobs of New York is here. It has always been a Fav of mine.
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9th Jul 2010 12:21
Message from Yertle
Heya Fade, just a heads up I went ahead and failed Mobs back, if you were making a change or something then just toss it back in to Review whenever! Thanks!
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29th Jun 2010 10:05
Message from Raptor
Welcome...I have been looking forward to your maps being available on WarGear. Glad to see you!
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