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16th Nov 2013 00:08
Message from dasjud
sure, one turn.
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21st Oct 2011 11:59
Message from BOOB
You should probably be focusing on neon green instead of me in africa. He has huge bonuses and even if you take africa from me he'll have enough units to take it from you right after.
#9 of 10
10th Aug 2011 21:19
Message from theodoredaley
Team up to try to take Gun-Ho down? If I don't hear a reply by my next turn I'll assume no.
#8 of 10
2nd Aug 2011 20:44
Message from theodoredaley
I think we need to stop hitting each other (we have for a little while now but I think we need to make it official) so you can take care of blue and I go after green. What do you say?
#7 of 10
23rd Jul 2011 15:10
Message from theodoredaley
Team up? Gun-Ho is doubling up his forces so he will get 30 troops on his next go (maybe 35 if he gets the card bonus). I think we need to ally?
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1st Jul 2011 16:54
Message from theodoredaley
Truce in the game "Due Date" ?
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7th Jun 2011 12:06
Message from Talus Proteus
Aye, aye.
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13th Jan 2011 15:07
Message from Flavor
just letting you know, in WWIII, I have no desire to make an enemy out of you so early in the game. My interests are in other places.
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25th Jul 2010 23:58
Message from No Dice
sorry i didnt see your message till just now (sunday night)
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25th May 2010 16:41
Message from JimmyPT
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