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25th Mar 2013 00:52
Message from Sinbad
WTF! You log in every three days to go on vacation for another 3 days? Why don't you just take you damn turn! and then go on vacation instead of keeping everyone waiting for weeks for you!!!
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16th Mar 2013 16:47
Message from 3EyedTitan
Im glad it says you are coming back from vacation tomorrow so we can continue our ancient isles game.
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11th Aug 2011 01:47
Message from Gimli
he is still top ranked in a game where he has been gone so long, his "last visit" is a blank. Thought you were gonna mix it up over here a little more than that! Miss the midnight epic battles!
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30th Apr 2010 18:27
Message from IRoll11s
Yipes, I'm only 5 months late for 1st post. =]
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25th Nov 2009 13:09
Message from asm
HAHA 11's I GOT HERE FIRST Oh hey DBD, what's up man
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