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22nd Nov 2013 18:38
Message from RUTHLEZZG
In the team game I ripped up Pink. I left White alone but u should probably kill him obviously. Thank god for that wild card!!
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7th Aug 2013 18:15
Message from itsnotatumor
Wow, nice work on the tourney game. I wasn't feeling the 9 player total fog. When you missed the one and Bob was playing... differently I ejected.
#35 of 36
7th Aug 2013 14:21
Message from Gioxpro
Hey David212, In Armagedon II I am going against black :) I know you are currently Hostile agains isnotatumor (green) I will help you as soon as I end the war with black
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22nd Jan 2013 13:25
Message from SethTheGreat
In the world war game, let's stop attacking each other and concert actions against Tommy before he becomes too strong. Go for Asia.
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13th Sep 2012 17:23
Message from norlingk
did you dip out of 6 players = french resistance on purpose?
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22nd Aug 2012 18:31
Message from SgtDank
we won that shit - blue was cleared.... we should do more team games, looks like we fuck shit up together
#31 of 36
2nd Aug 2012 17:30
Message from andyf
if you are around it would be nice to wrap this game up
#30 of 36
26th Jul 2012 15:43
Message from fibls1
its ok whit me, becuse mine team mate is almost gone...
#29 of 36
16th Jul 2012 02:45
Message from SgtDank
yo, in out 4 teams of 2 game... we can hold europe, but i saw u stArt taking south america.. ill clear it out also
#28 of 36
15th Jul 2012 00:55
Message from SgtDank
what up team mate... were playin on a team (2v2v2v2) GAME NAME: 4 teams of 2 MAP NAME: Colossal Crusade i think our best bet is Europe (i just took over the dark blue +3 part of europe... i have troops in south africa so we can take the southern boarder... and also in the lower right of asia (not russa and not indonesia... the +7 area... we have a good stronghold. lets communicate here on ur profile for the game.. i added u to my firnds lest.
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25th Jun 2012 10:30
Message from Knosken
Right. I won anyway so I guess you did the right choice ;)
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19th Jun 2012 12:56
Message from Knosken
Even though you have been annoying me the whole game, I found green was gonna be a big problem so I almost eliminated purple for you. Please take his cards and stop green with them :)
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19th Mar 2012 11:51
Message from MordorKnight
took ny from blue, and one city from purple. they still have a heads up on us though :( send me a pm and let me know what you want to do now.
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16th Mar 2012 19:05
Message from MordorKnight
Thanks. Well I took one of his cities, tried to take a nuetral too, but lost all my armies on a 10v5. If you want to do email we could do that, otherwise I will write on your wall. I dont have a premium membership and cant pm
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15th Mar 2012 10:48
Message from MordorKnight
Nice to have such a distinguished player on my team ;) Any plans for our game?
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24th Feb 2012 19:55
Message from MordorKnight
hey I left you a message in our Europe game; youre playing well
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14th Oct 2011 17:46
Message from DuckAndCover
Hey DavidNY - when you have a chance, would you accept SmashingElk's surrender in the game "The Clone Wars"? Thanks man!
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2nd Sep 2011 09:07
Message from Knosken
What do you think of my little gift to you in the civil war game? ;)
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2nd Aug 2011 10:09
Message from SillyBastard
I just started an A & A game as the Russians. Please join my team.
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27th Jul 2011 10:38
Message from BorisTheFrugal
Are you deliberately ignoring the private messages in Sweet Spot tourney?
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