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10th Jan 2012 11:01
Message from Friendly
Thanks for the compliment! It is hard to know whether to distract green or yellow and when while playing orange. You guys will definitly win that tournament. Good game!
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18th Nov 2011 13:16
Message from RiskyBack
Thanks for the catch on Force Unleashed. It's been so long I don't know what is incorrect from what I wanted, the border or the explanation of the border. Personally, I have found that attacking the saber from the blues is almost impossible as is so I think I should keep the border and change the description. You have played a lot, what do you think? P.S. Changing the description keeps play the same for the future and is easier to fix, but I will do it if it seems to be the better idea, I'm just not sure that's true.
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17th Nov 2011 15:58
Message from Paulville
Hey man!! Sorry about been skipped last game. My internet completely collapsed. Too bad you have to wait!!
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28th Mar 2011 22:24
Message from Professor
Yeah, what a match in Rockem Sockem! ... split decision? Is that because we went so many rounds? I was thinking you won that one. I was wondering why we were playing another round. Even the second game was good, mirror attacks/defense for the first several rounds. (Then I got lucky :)) GG
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