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Wed 20th Aug 12:49
Renaissance Wars rated  Perfect
This board takes the "War of the Roses" board and adds to it with some new twists. The capability of adding units to your own personal mercenaries is an awesome addition. The ability to get factories to add troops to the board and the mercs is an interesting twist too.

You have to build up bonuses, but keep an eye on everyone else - the ultimate prize is taking out the crown - don't lose sight of that. Having most of the board won't get you the win necessarily.

It takes some "up time" to learn where the bonuses/markers are, there is a legend under the markers to help you locate them.

You really have to focus on yourself and not get too carried away with policing the board, else someone else will pass you in a hurry and claim victory.
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Sun 16th Feb 16:40
War Of The Roses rated  Perfect
At first glance, this board looked just too complicated, but after M57 asked me a few times to play, I finally tried it out and am very glad I did (and that M57 kept asking)!

It is confusing at first, but you get the hang of what the bonuses are soon enough. It is not the kind of board in a 2p or 3p game where whoever goes first has a huge edge either.

Such a unique concept - do you pile up enough units and go for the win, or wait one more turn, knowing someone else could take a shot for the victory?

In my opinion, the two most critical steps are 1) When to go for the win and 2) Your first turn - try to get a bonus that is not going to be easy pickings for a player after you - else you could be chasing your tail the rest of the game.

I wouldn't change a thing - well done M57!
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Thu 23rd Jan 13:53
There Can Be Only One rated  Good
Unique concept in two games going on at once essentially. Quick game, but you have to know when to be aggressive and when to wait one more turn before striking.

Common complaints are that you can't recover from bad luck and the card scale will end up favoring one person in the end (usually whoever goes last). You can't do anything about the luck, but there are a couple tricks to game the cards in your favor if you know what's going on.

The 5 attacks is nice in that you have to plan out what you want to accomplish and not just plow ahead and attack everything in site. You can use that to your advantage in the final duel by perhaps leaving a few troops in the Shields in the middle, forcing the other player to attack from the sword to reduce the Shield and waste an attack (or else attack the Shield at bad odds).

Always interesting option of after eliminating someone up top, of when to go for the bottom. Sometimes if you don't get the bottom Sword/Shield first, that doesn't mean you lose - just means your opponent took out all those neutrals for you! :)

I would love to see an Eight Person version of this, perhaps where after the first round the "winner" can choose which way to go next.
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Thu 23rd Jan 13:44
Remember rated  Superb
I love Simulgear boards, and this is a great duel board for that gameplay type. I think both sides are evenly matched.

You have to really understand Simulgear and be patient and careful (you can leave territories vacant if you attack out of them, but not transfer them in) to have a chance in this one.

Common mistake is attacking the hospital right away, which starts the timer for your doom.

Love the graphics!
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Thu 23rd Jan 13:42
TMNT: Attack rated  Superb
This board is all about patience. You have to build up some units before going for the bonuses on the right side of the board.

The one-way flow is somewhat unique I feel, and I like that aspect, and for the theme the graphics are just perfect.
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Thu 23rd Jan 13:40
Very fun board - the concept of connecting states for bonuses and more for the zombie states is unique I think. All the different scenarios are fun.

I wish the card scale was a bit lower, after a few sets get cashed in, it's all up for grabs!
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Fri 4th Oct 10:37
AA matchup Stalingrad rated  Superb
if you like Simulgear, you will love this board. Lots of subtleties with this board that take a bit of time to figure out (like what the armors can attack, what the bombers can hit, etc.). Having a good understanding of your odds on each of your attacks (there are limits) is key.

Germany may have a small edge, but as Thingol says, if you are Russia, you can counteract that after turn 1 by being aggressive.

It can be a long game, so be prepared to dig in and enjoy!
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Fri 4th Oct 10:30
Asherons Gear rated  Great
I really don't have much to add over what Jigler said. Lots of scenarios to keep it fresh and works well with a small or large number of players. The hordes/continent bonus system is perfect for this map!
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Wed 2nd Oct 14:19
Ninja Ball rated  Good
I love the concept! Very cool idea - you really have to plan out your strategy and figure out a good balance between offense and defense. It's nerve-wrecking and exciting to move your units to see what they might bump into! You really have to think before you use that last of your 5 attacks - for if you wind up next to someone, you are going to lose it since you can't attack one more time that turn.

You can have a "stalemate" situation where you capture a unit 5 spaces away from the middle, the other player can spawn and capture your unit, and again and again.
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Wed 2nd Oct 11:25
Vertigo rated  Great
This board is quite different from the norm, and that's a good thing. The higher up the building you go, the worse defense dice you get.

The game can turn into a bit of a "chicken" match, but those that are patient and know the odds can capitalize.

Note: there is NO elimination bonus - I see this mistake time and time again on this board (people assuming that there is one).
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Wed 2nd Oct 11:22
Electoral College rated  Good
This is a very fun map, the swing states are a great touch and add more strategy to the game. I like the pictures of the Presidents as well.

Generally, those that establish a strong foothold in the West or Northeast seem to win much more often than not. It's very hard to win if you build up somewhere else.
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Fri 15th Mar 16:23
Pangaea and Panthalassa rated  Superb
This board is a lot of fun - it combines elements of the classic RISK game with the popular "Hordes" style of bonuses (in the oceans). Gameplay is fast and uncomplicated except make sure you know what attacks what from the land to sea and vice versa before planning your turn.

The graphics are perfect for this theme too.

The cards confuse me because they are so similar - perhaps a different color for the land in each would help.
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Thu 10th Jan 15:46
Operation Citadel rated  Superb
This is a great dueling board, and you really have to know when to give something up and fall back, and when to make a stand. It's hard to conquer territories with the attack dice, and you really need to plan out your strategy.

Note the bombers, which can give you a critical edge in attacking. And try to be aggressive as Germany (always) and as Russia (after the first turn or two). You want your opponent reacting to your moves, not the other way around.
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Mon 29th Oct 16:55
Capture the Flag rated  Great
One of my favorite boards on ToS, I'm so glad it is here on WG! Takes some getting used to the general layout and special rules (what attacks what and with what dice advantage) of the board. Make sure you click around to see, you'll be glad that you did (you have to learn how best to use/defend the sniper towers). Remember to get a crd you have to conquer a space that has some units - taking over a bunch of 0s won't get you a card.

Many different ways to win - you can play defensive and let others slug it out, and being aggressive at the right times can enable you to be the "leader". It's natural for 2 players to align against someone who is running away with the game - if it happens to you, don't take it personally!
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Tue 11th Sep 15:29
Squirrels of Suburbia rated  Superb
This board is very unique! There are lots of special rules, mainly you get only 3 attacks per turn (so use those "A" and "T" buttons!) and most of the attacks are automatic wins (the dice are in most cases 1 vs 0). Plan your attacks carefully. And note that since most attacks are automatic wins, think before putting 10 units to defend something which someone can wipe out 100% of the time with 3 units.

Seat order hasn't been a big factor from the games that I have been in and there is plenty of balance in terms of bonuses to go for and threatening to eliminate an opponent's "capital" (squirrel).

You always can place only 1 unit per turn... the other bonuses go onto your stack of nuts. Note that if you have more than one squirrel you get your bonuses on all stacks of nuts (double or triple bonuses)!

The only thing that I could see changing is to perhaps have some neutrals in the "Ratsy" space so that a player earlier in the turn order can't easily grab it and apply pressure on everyone else.

Before playing, make sure you read the "About" and click around on the Board Explorer to see what attacks what - you'll be glad you did.
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Tue 8th May 11:13
Colossal Crusade rated  Good
The board pays great homage to the original RISK board and is a good adapation of a "bigger" map. The continent bonuses are very clearly marked, which is nice. Lots of different ways to win for sure. There are two versions, a "Solar" version with increasing cards that reset that allows total vision across the world, and the "Default" which is foggy and cards are always worth 5.

The downsides to the board: The earlier in your turn order, the better your chances are of winning (according to the stats). Also, there are a lot of choke points (why can SA attack Australia but the Middle East can't attack Africa?!?!) which creates a lot of stand offs.

I think this board works best with LOTS of players, 6 or more.
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Wed 25th Apr 15:37
Comic Book Arcade rated  Great
There is an alful lot going on with this board. After you play the game a few times, you get the hang of it and can come up with a lot of moves to potentially outplay your opponent.

Most of the bonuses never seem to come into play in the games I have been in. There is a lot of thought that goes into what to use your 3 attacks on, how much to keep in your capital, and when and how far to progress towards your opponent's capital.

Early bad luck can be devastating, but not terminal - I've been able to rebound from bad luck more than once.
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Sat 21st Apr 20:57
Invention rated  Perfect
I absolutely love this board! The tech tree is such a great idea, where you can develop your own abilities The layout of the board and the colors are very well done as well. The game can play very quickly, so be aggressive!

I enjoy playing it immensely, and have a very hard time not joining any active game I see on it.

I have chnaged my rating to a 10 after the recent changes.

Bravo Ozyman!
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Thu 8th Mar 21:34
War of the Ring rated  Great
I've really only played the team version (3 versus 3) and think the game plays out very well with the "good guys" (especially blue) having to hold on for dear life and withstand the initial rush of the "bad guys" (red/grey/orange). I believe that if the bad guys stay aggressive that they should win more often than not, but the good guys can pull some tricks to keep them in the game. You really need to know and play Simulgear well to have a shot on this board.

The attack/defense modifiers in certain key areas only add to the variables that you need to consider - they help you here and hut you there - so take note of them!

Since you can only move one space per turn, try to avoid keeping units in territories that are not threatened on the coming turn... if there is a more costly mistake in Simulgear, I'm not sure what it is.

I think this board is (overall) unbalanced for the free-for-all scenarios, but that wasn't the main intent of this board anyway.
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Mon 27th Feb 23:39
Mario 3 -- World 3 rated  Great
This map has all the elements of what you want in a map, 1) well thought out with more than one way to win, 2) graphics that totally work with the theme, 3) unique elements (such as the lower right hand castle being able to attack all the "Levels". Make sure that you know what can attack what and watch out for the unit limits in the boulders!

I would have rated it higher, but this map can doom someone from the start just by their starting position, and the player who goes first can sometimes get off to a fast start if they happen to have a lot of bonuses to begin the game.
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