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6th Dec 2011 14:01
Message from DavidAlbright
Chump, you're absolutely worthless as a teammate...
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2nd Dec 2011 16:28
Message from DavidAlbright
Hey, can you transfer your armies in Africa to me in our game?? Thanks!
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24th Oct 2011 20:17
Message from renjason
thumbs down
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14th Jun 2011 00:34
Message from gazz
are u not gnna ply??
#7 of 10
16th May 2011 15:36
Message from SpyYoshiRv
(This answer is from the game Australia Madness) ok, we can strike CiscoKid to take him out.
#6 of 10
28th Mar 2011 14:47
Message from theodoredaley
Thanks - added 3 troops to your sections (one fore defense and then in Queens to fight off red). Hopefully can keep that up to give you some support. What do you think we should do / attack first? We could try to take Queens and then I move all my troops away so you can take it over?
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26th Mar 2011 17:07
Message from theodoredaley
Can you transfer your 2 green into my Purple up top on the "Menage a Trois" map?
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24th Mar 2011 23:54
Message from theodoredaley
When it is the end of your turn can you transfer 2 of the 3 troops into mine? That way when it is my turn I will just have to go against a territory with just 1 in it. Then I can deploy some troops wherever you need them on your areas on my next turn with the bonus.
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1st Mar 2011 01:50
Message from Lord Of Cups
Come on ChumpStain, Warmoth is running amok all over the globe, couldn't you leave me alone for one turn?
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4th Jan 2011 16:05
Message from kinetix
CHumpstain take marmax with all ur units ill take him from the north. dont let blue get a bonus!
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