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5th Jul 2011 18:14
Message from Beastlymaster
Done. Finish your turn and let loose the dogs of war!
#36 of 56
5th Jul 2011 10:54
Message from Beastlymaster
Thanks for the help with House of Fog. Should have those fixed shortly.
#35 of 56
25th Jun 2011 11:59
Message from Thingol
Tourney filled up pretty quickly a couple days back.
#34 of 56
23rd Jun 2011 09:58
Message from AttilaTheHun
Thought you'd be interested in testing the WoTR FFA scenario: http://www.wargear.net/games/join/73308
#33 of 56
9th Jun 2011 12:50
Message from Ozyman
nope. That map is based on Q-bert. From the bit of digging I did, it looks like Pyramid was a 'tetris' like game?
#32 of 56
8th Jun 2011 20:04
Message from Mad Bomber
better than all the rest
#31 of 56
23rd May 2011 19:51
Message from TheTick
in this game:http://www.wargear.net/games/view/66193 I'm russia. since we have each others backs lets ally. I'll be able to take UK and you can take USA. If the answers no then I'll take my request to UK and focus 100% on you. I figure we would make a better team though. Plus I'm already pushing hard against UK
#30 of 56
4th May 2011 20:37
Message from Amidon37
Thanks for telling me about the issues on Octagons. I meant there to be 1 attack per round, but forgot to unlock that part of the scenario, so the change I made didn't stick. I didn't catch that player 2 started with 1 less, but I made it so they always get the center square. Thanks again.
#29 of 56
27th Apr 2011 11:29
Message from AttilaTheHun
Hey there BD, is your WW2 Europe map still under construction?
#28 of 56
18th Apr 2011 23:33
Message from Thingol
The trophy case is lookin' pretty full...how about sharing?
#27 of 56
18th Apr 2011 15:03
Message from Lock Step
ok in cc
#26 of 56
7th Apr 2011 15:36
Message from SpyYoshiRv
nice man 1st of CP points.
#25 of 56
27th Mar 2011 13:39
Message from Hugh
Thanks man. When I left asm was atop. I come back and I see it's you. Congrats! Don't worry, I'm no threat for now - too busy to make a push for 1st :)
#24 of 56
11th Mar 2011 16:54
Message from KrocK
Hey man Im glad you like the LOD board. Not to many people are a fan of the unit cap but it adds the "land lock" strategy that is so fun to do (and so crappy if its done to you) and like you said about being able to gut a person but leaving their borders can be a fun time too. let me know if there are any mods that would go well with this board.
#23 of 56
11th Mar 2011 14:06
Message from Mongrel
I'm pretty dense, so there's that too :)
#22 of 56
10th Mar 2011 22:28
Message from Mongrel
Oh- that was a reference to Waldo...
#21 of 56
9th Mar 2011 01:16
Message from Yertle
Congrats on hitting the 200 CP mark!!!
#20 of 56
5th Mar 2011 21:51
Message from Mongrel
Huh? I never said such things.
#19 of 56
13th Feb 2011 04:05
Message from Toaster
I've played the FFA version about a half dozen or so times and haven't seen any problems with it. It is pretty much untested with less than 5 players though. I foresee some possible problems in a 2-player or 3-player game, but other than that it plays just fine.
#18 of 56
4th Feb 2011 16:00
Message from Toaster
I'm down for a tournament on A&A; I wonder if Tom's accounted for its oddities in tournaments... I've never been in the camp of thinking that properly stacking your orders is a bad thing. I really like that sub-strategy that unintentionally came about. I guess I should've made a scenario with it a negative for you types. Problem with that though is that it will most likely only effect the US and Germany because they traditionally have way more attacks to make than anyone else.
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