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Sun 2nd Jun 16:29
Battle of Waterloo rated  Great
Battle of Waterloo sets the new standard for 1v1 strategy maps. The rules are simple, and someone new to the map can jump in and quickly pick up the basics. However, a great depth of strategy lies behind these very simple mechanics. While the localized strategy of controlling non-road spaces and not leaving large stacks on roads will quickly become obvious to the journeyman Waterloo player, it is much less clear how to apply this concept to the larger problem of creating a supply line across the board.

I agree that there are several places where non-roads appear to be roads, cleaning this up, or giving some other visual indicator of what is a road would improve the experience.
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Wed 18th Jul 16:37
Game of Hordes! rated  Great
During play-testing of this map I generally didn't get it and thought that the game mechanics were lousy. In hindsight, this was a classic case of disliking a map that I didn't understand. After playing a couple more games, I think I get it, and I like it.

Game-play is fast and scrappy, with limited resources and army logistics dominating decision making. Like other reviewers note, starting position is important, but show me a map where it isn't!

My initial impression is that this map is markedly different and fresh. I will update my review once I have played a couple more games.
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Tue 28th Feb 14:13
@!#?@!? rated  Great
Quick and enjoyable gameplay often requiring a fair amount of intuition. Clever use of vision and border modifiers.. if you like fog maps with abandon, try this out.
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Tue 28th Feb 14:10
Eden rated  Great
Clearly inspired by spy vs spy, this board is visually pleasing and cleverly crafted extension of that design. Interaction between the four players is quick and dirty, and turtling is almost never an option. This is one of those boards where I never put off taking my turn.
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Tue 28th Feb 14:03
War of the Ring rated  Superb
This map takes its plays straight from the A&A book, and the results are spectacular. Visually pleasing graphics, interesting conflict regions, and a carefully balanced board design make this map a pleasure to play. Anyone who would disparage this map as being too much like A&A has clearly not played it much: although the mechanics are the same, and the general theory of forcing aggression by having one team start with the armies and the other with a resource advantage is familiar, this map quickly establishes itself as a whole new experience as befits such a powerful mythology.
Nicely done Kjeld.
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Tue 28th Feb 13:53
Hordes of China rated  Good
Nice graphics, interesting territory layout, and the barbarian territories add an interesting element to the game. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the unit cap. Overall fun map, but I prefer the similar Mongolian hordes from TOS.
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Tue 28th Feb 13:49
Gear Wars: Episode I rated  Good
Now that the big loophole is closed this map plays very nicely. Dueling maps in general are tough, and like the rest this one comes down to luck most of the time. However it does a decent job of requiring strategy in how you plan your attacks, and overall it is a fairly unique board.
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Thu 16th Feb 19:57
House of Fog rated  Superb
This board is both unique and very enjoyable. I love the concept of the "circuit breaker" giving vision at the cost of armies. The enclosed house layout provides some nice choke points, but none of them are terribly overpowered and the middle of the map is nicely open. My only complaint is the limited access to the circuit breaker, I think it would be cool if this was in the middle of the house instead. If you are a fan of foggy maps, and want to try something different, I highly recommend this map.
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Thu 16th Feb 19:46
Io 2210 rated  Great
I enjoy playing this map a lot and I am surprised by the mediocre reviews. Graphically this board is a winner, the map is both clean and interestingly shaped. The board structure gives a nice mix of large and small continents, and a pleasing contrast between open spaces and modest choke points. Abandon with escalating cards encourages dynamic play in the endgame.
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Thu 16th Feb 19:34
There Will Be Blood rated  Great
Refreshingly different, with clever use of factories, vision, and multiple methods of gaining reinforcements. I think that this is one that people are going to hate on because it is NOT simple. Timing is key here, I find that I can often let my opponents do the work drilling oil wells, which I then steal and suck dry. Abandon makes for a more dynamic game, which is crucial because the bonus structure would otherwise encourage camping on resources.
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Thu 16th Feb 19:20
This board has a very fun and unique style of gameplay, but is slightly limited by the same things that make it interesting. At the start I really enjoyed this map, but as time goes on I feel that I generally use the same strategys repeatedly, and most of my wins/losses come down to how the dice treat me.

However, a refreshing break from both the classic maps and the intense strategy maps I've been playing.
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Thu 16th Feb 19:16
Die Emoticons, DIE! rated  Good
While this map appears slightly goofy, it plays quickly and enjoyably. High interconnectedness paired with easy bonuses makes for a fairly gritty multiplayer scenario where an inexperienced move can quickly result in defeat.
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Thu 16th Feb 19:06
Colossal Crusade rated  Average
This is a solid board, and one of the few options if you want a truly large map. That being said, I don't understand the amazingly high reviews, since this map is far from perfect. Lack of territory fill mars an otherwise visually pleasing experience. Choke points, large continent bonuses, no abandon and fog make for an often frustrating experience of muddling around in the dark, while one of the other players runs away with the game. In the non-fog version, the choke points plus non-scaling cards encourages stagnation. -Average
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Wed 15th Feb 17:07
WarGear Warfare rated  Good
Undeniably a classic map. However I can't help but feel that many user created maps are superior. South America and Australia are by far the most powerful starting positions, and Asia is pretty useless.
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Wed 15th Feb 17:00
Seven rated  Average
Great concept, however this map fails to grab my attention where Five and Ten have succeeded. Notably I feel that the starting setup is 9/10ths of the game, and that there is very little room for innovating once the game gets going.
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Wed 15th Feb 16:55
Antastic! rated  Average
Solid board, but nothing particularly exciting about it. Graphically I have never been terribly drawn to playing this board, and the tendency towards stalemates in non-fog games is a turnoff. Fog games on this map can be interesting, but the lack of mobility means that luck of who you are positioned around plays a large role.
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Wed 15th Feb 16:50
Gunslinger rated  Good
I think the bullet bonus structure creates an unnecessary high luck factor, and most games between good players come down to dice. That being said, the board has some interesting elements, in particular the ability to knock out your opponents vision.
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Fri 16th Dec 15:36
Dejeweled rated  Fair
Great concept. Nicely developed map. Very frustrating.

This map seems like a lot of fun until you realize that most games come down to an arbitrary decision by an arbitrary player. It doesn't really matter what you do at the start of the game, what matters is which players are next to each other at the end, and most of the time you have very little control over this. Every game I have lost, the victory could have been prevented by some other player if they had known what they were doing.

I think I will try playing some private games on this map.. maybe that will change my opinion that this map is a waste of time.
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Fri 10th Jun 16:22
Solid two player board. The end game is great, but the early game involves a little too much grinding against neutrals for my taste. I think that this leads to dice deciding too many games (although this seems to be a minority opinion). However, if the early game is equal to both players, then things really get interesting. Unfortunately, like most two player games, once one player gets an edge, it is very difficult to overcome if they know what they are doing.
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Mon 16th May 16:00
Axes and Allies rated  Superb
The best team game around. I would rate this a 10 if it made use of attack fatigue to address the attack stacking situation.
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