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Avon refers to a character in the British TV show Blakes's 7. Great show not available in the US.

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29th Oct 2016 17:18
Message from The Cooler
I would like to personally invite you to a game I am hosting using "The Winds of Winter" scenario for "Risk of Thrones". I hope you will choose to join us... http://www.wargear.net/games/join/537680
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14th Jun 2014 12:19
Message from Korrun
Make sure to read my message in Winter. Thanks!
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8th May 2014 14:02
Message from Frog
Hey can you post a message to my teammate too--I haven't convinced him to accept the alliance yet--I don't want to mislead you. I will send him another message asking him to leave you alone.
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6th May 2014 04:22
Message from Frog
Hey Avon, in our game of thrones game your partner was just eliminated, leaving team death with sole control over the north. Dark green has sole control over the East. Perhaps you'd like to ally with us for a time so that we can survive the onslaught rather than destroying ourselves fighting each other?
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17th Mar 2014 19:21
Message from Thingol
Kudos to your play on A&A (various versions). Sound strategist.
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8th Jun 2013 20:26
Message from Frog
Hey I left you message in our team game.
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18th Mar 2013 21:11
Message from Rad-Warrior
If you want to win you better start attacking that other guy!!He KICKed the backdoor open.
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15th Mar 2013 15:11
Message from TheIronRelic
We should team up against Germany in that Tournament game
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