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I love most boardgames, including risk. I play online because risk kills friendships haha. I love the variability that online versions of risk has introduced. I'm especially fond of dueling maps.

Yes, I can be a bit critical in a team setting or opponent setting, sorry - I promise I will forget by the next game :)

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6th Aug 2012 21:27
Message from Thingol
Lol...don't take too long, touney is filling faster than I thought it would.
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21st Jul 2012 03:21
Message from RazingAces
Sorry I didn't intend for that to happen, I intended for the first player to get x units and everybody else get x+1. I need to tweak the map then. Thanks for the post!
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4th Apr 2012 16:58
Message from Thingol
Ander, looks like the Kursk tourney is back up (after a few months!!) on WF; give it a check once in awhile. It's still a couple games short of your involvment at present, but I'd be interested to see how you fare in a rematch with Viktory. ;)
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7th Nov 2011 15:08
Message from Mad Bomber
VERY STRONG PLAYER......what did you think of the OG 2011 Fort tournament?
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7th Nov 2011 10:17
Message from timmy888
that means you
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7th Nov 2011 09:27
Message from timmy888
go fuck yourself
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3rd Aug 2011 18:01
Message from Thingol
Not a problem. Let me now when things open up a bit.
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4th May 2010 01:32
Message from CiscoKid
Kick It ! I am here too!
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29th Apr 2010 15:56
Message from Wallace Wishmaster
Sorry, I invited more than 6 players in case anyone declined. Here is the direct URL if you'd like to start up your own test. I didn't really change much so this is more of a border/graphics test: http://www.wargear.net/games/create?boardid=308
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16th Apr 2010 11:02
Message from Gimli
wow, I never suspected you sported such a cool flag! Sweet!!
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20th Mar 2010 15:07
Message from asm
you are hilarious
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8th Mar 2010 12:12
Message from RiskyBack
Could it have something to do with you not being premium and that you have too many games. I don't know if that is something or not. I know it was talked about earlier.
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5th Mar 2010 14:43
Message from Kjeld
Huh, sounds like a bug. Did you post about it in the forums?
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5th Mar 2010 14:20
Message from Kjeld
Reinvite sent
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5th Mar 2010 11:47
Message from asm
Haha, 'a sign of life in the ashes - JUST KIDDING' made me llol
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