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I love most boardgames, including risk. I play online because risk kills friendships haha. I love the variability that online versions of risk has introduced. I'm especially fond of dueling maps.

Yes, I can be a bit critical in a team setting or opponent setting, sorry - I promise I will forget by the next game :)

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5th Jul 2013 15:47
Message from 37
Bad luck on the invention tournament, I thought you were going to win it for sure.
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20th Jun 2013 14:20
Message from Edward Nygma
I don't remember what now, but there is a reason I didn't bring Chess over. Maybe something with Simulgear? Maybe there was a be-all-end-all solution. Don't remember.
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6th Jun 2013 18:42
Message from Yertle
Hey Andernut, Thanks for the heads up on the missing border for Zombie States. I've updated it and released a new Version (3.0) with the fix! Thanks again!
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15th May 2013 23:04
Message from Korrun
I saw a review for a game on the android app store by someone with the same profile pic.
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15th May 2013 00:10
Message from Korrun
Your name wouldn't happen to be Sue, would it?
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14th Apr 2013 07:15
Message from M57
Scenario Updates address your issues. Now Napoleon not only needs more moves to establish supply-lines, but also receives one less reinforcement per turn.
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18th Dec 2012 18:18
Message from Jordache
Monday Invention: haha - great, thanks a lot. That WAS shaping up to be a good start for me.
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13th Dec 2012 23:50
Message from itsnotatumor
Hey man, Team msg on Tobruk.
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4th Dec 2012 23:43
Message from Thingol
Wasn't there a Helm's Deep BAO board over on WF? Do you remember who the author was?
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13th Nov 2012 12:59
Message from TheChosen
Good Game.. play anytime
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12th Nov 2012 20:00
Message from RiskyBack
Hey Andernut, thanks for the message, but that border isn't supposed to be there because the mast of the ship is between them. During testing this went back and forth about whether to add it or subtract it but it was decided it was more consistent to not have that border and less confusing. For the record I think it should be there, but I don't win all these battles. In fact I seem to lose most of them. May the Dice be ever in your favor (cept vs RiskyBack!)
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6th Nov 2012 17:00
Message from shasini
hey, so sorry about that! I thought you would win on your next turn... and i had to get off, i was in class! sorry bro! thanks for playin!
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25th Oct 2012 17:45
Message from dirkiebush
The crossword puzzle game we just finished playing today showed my luck at -5.49 and yours at +4.38. Pretty bad but that's the way it goes. I would be curious to see how a game turns out with the luck being pretty equal. Anyway, enjoyed playing with you and hope to meet you again.
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25th Oct 2012 14:11
Message from Kjeld
Ok, thanks for noticing that. I'll try to update the graphic soon.
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23rd Oct 2012 16:12
Message from Kjeld
So, I looked at Total WarGear II again. The artillery borders from airfields to capitals are d6 v d6, which is also what it says in the description. I guess I don't quite understand where you see the problem.
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17th Oct 2012 15:33
Message from Shevek
GG, I was +10, you were -11. so yeah, not so even.
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19th Sep 2012 23:24
Message from ratsy
Love the new profile pic. LMAO
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31st Aug 2012 14:47
Message from Thingol
I put another open game out there for Stalingrad...if you're up for revenge. ;)
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20th Aug 2012 17:50
Message from Thingol
OK, now that you know how to play it, I put an open game out there. You just have to look for it in the Join Game section. The Lorax.
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9th Aug 2012 19:29
Message from Thingol
If you had to put a % on it, what do you think the breakdown would be Russian to German? 60-40?
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