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Tue 17th Jul 09:43
Tanks rated  Perfect
I find this a neat little board and enjoy the simple mechanics and simulgear play.
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Thu 14th Jun 19:48
Ravenloft 4 rated  Perfect
Superb and niche, totally different mechanics from the norm and as Anton said in another review, asymmetric starts - different goals for different players.

Early playtesting I didn't think it was going to work but Thingol's vision pulled through and he has created a great board. I far prefer unique persona versions of the board.
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Mon 27th Oct 14:28
Renaissance Wars rated  Perfect
Always love M57's boards. This adds some complexity to another home-run map created by M57 - War of the Roses.

Remember, control of the board doesn't matter so much as having the power for a push on the throne!
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Sat 25th Oct 21:36
Invention rated  Perfect
I really love the research and the way the game unfolds - massive armies or heavy power or transport/vision/flasks - the tech trees each have their own strengths and weaknesses and make for different games. Really enjoy this map.
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Thu 12th Sep 20:21
War Of The Roses rated  Perfect
I don't usually comment on boards, even when I love them, but I have to say this game is beautiful! I feel like it's a shoe-in for a classic as long as folks take a quick look at how flags work. It's quite simple, it's a battle for the crown, continents on the board grant bonuses on the right which you use to take the crown (when you're close, place some armies in the mercenaries square and go for it). War of the roses hits a sweet spot between employing a level of tactical complexity using intuitive mechanics.
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Tue 16th Apr 22:48
Battle of Waterloo rated  Superb
Lots of fun. Simple board, simple goal, simple borders (Just two types, roads and non-roads). The roads are great, adding complexity without being confusing. They are additionally fun because they sometimes allow a highway past your opponent's front lines as they are trickier to defend requiring that you hold the ground flanking the road to avoid defending at a disadvantage.

One point of confusion is where some rivers/towns look like they might be roads when not being looked at carefully so pay attention to the borders! It's easier to read in the native player.

I love me a good dueling map and this is a good dueling map.
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Thu 8th Nov 16:56
Go-Geared rated  Perfect
Edit - After some investigation I find I like both aspects 8-sided & 1-sided. The 1-sided dice version to take the element of chance out of it (but hey, we are playing "risk"), but if you are learning you'll want to be able to "roll the dice" when you mess up.

Don't sweat it if you lose some initial games, if you are playing against someone seasoned on the board, prepare to lose; BUT, this means strategy plays a higher than usual role in the map - something I love.

The concept behind this map blows my mind. I just wouldn't have expected this twist on a classic game... and it works! Try not to take the game too too seriously, have some fun. (Ever learn chess? How many games did you have to play before you cou d beat the person who taught you? It's tough!).

SUGGESTION : If you are playing a private game against someone who is less experienced than you, give them a handicap. End your turn and let them place a stone or two on the 4x4 or 3x3 intersections or in the middle of the board. Private games aren't ranked and if you are inherently better at the game try it out with a handicap!
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Fri 5th Oct 13:44
Operation Citadel rated  Perfect
I quite enjoy this map. It is amazing the intricacy, thought and balance (and attention to historical fact) that Thingol has put into this board. It is not designed for the faint of heart! It can be confusing the first couple of times to figure out a general strategy. As Germany I suggest attack attack attack (and attack), with Russia try slowing the German advance without dropping to many armies, have a solid defensive line and break out past Germany.

Always always always remember that Germany has the first attack, this is very important if you are trying to break past their lines, especially if you happen to be next to their "tanks" which attack at 65% to bordering locations.
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Thu 11th Mar 18:36
Duck Hunt rated  Great
I think this game is fun and easy to understand - but I find it pretty frustrating that someone can take the dog and then the gun on the first turn. This happened against me and I couldn't place my reinforcements - which is an automatic loss before you get a first turn. This might not happen often, but it can happen and is pretty brutal. Instead of receiving so many reinforcements on your first turn, perhaps those units should begin in the gun to start.
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