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28th Nov 2011 08:48
Message from Norseman
Hey, thanks for welcoming me back! I think you're one of the first to notice. :-)
#31 of 71
24th Nov 2011 04:55
Message from aids1080
dude im a huge fan of your gunslinger map. keep it up
#30 of 71
21st Nov 2011 10:26
Message from BlackDog
Hey Amidon, did you just make a change to Gunslinger this morning? I went first, starting with the normal 2 units on my gun, but I did not get the factory bonus, so I only have 2 units total on my first turn, is this right? In any case, fun map!
#29 of 71
23rd May 2011 19:57
Message from kloponarock
Or maybe you changed the top Territory's attack but not the Left side's?
#28 of 71
23rd May 2011 16:39
Message from kloponarock
Yea, I dunno. Maybe it just takes time to update.
#27 of 71
23rd May 2011 15:53
Message from kloponarock
Thanks, however in a Large Original game I just started, the attack on the Shared is still 1v1, should I just cancel the game and start over or should it update? http://www.wargear.net/games/player/66987 Youre the man.
#26 of 71
23rd May 2011 14:47
Message from kloponarock
Sorry to criticize your map again haha, but the max units in the main start territory on Octagons Large Start Square is set to 500, so you cannot fortify out your capital units and surrender. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for the awesome map.
#25 of 71
23rd May 2011 11:26
Message from kloponarock
Hey I think you need to change the attack on the Shared Territory, http://www.wargear.net/games/player/66428
#24 of 71
16th May 2011 14:31
Message from kloponarock
The Large Start Squares scenario doesnt have a fortify from the 37 to resign anymore?
#23 of 71
4th May 2011 11:17
Message from BlackDog
The "large start squares" scenario on octagons needs some changes. In the game I just played, I went second, and started with one less square than my opponents. Then they get to place two pieces before I get a move? At very least, the person who starts first should only place one piece.
#22 of 71
23rd Mar 2011 02:27
Message from CiscoKid
How about you and I do a few private games and teach me about the gaming model?
#21 of 71
21st Mar 2011 23:54
Message from CiscoKid
Bailed on your tourny, that board just does not interest me at this time ... I thought it would with the change, but it doesn't today.
#20 of 71
9th Mar 2011 11:45
Message from TheWarrior
Congratulations on your win of the Arm Wrestle. You are a great player.
#19 of 71
7th Mar 2011 22:22
Message from Dud
I have to be first at something...
#18 of 71
9th Feb 2011 23:27
Message from Rasputin
I love your bowling board, i can't get enough of it!!!!
#17 of 71
12th Jan 2011 14:24
Message from Yertle
There was! Just updated in the Live version. Thanks!
#16 of 71
3rd Jan 2011 20:16
Message from Mad Bomber
very strong player
#15 of 71
2nd Dec 2010 21:08
Message from CastratedHorse
yeah, just luck, rookie luck on the board.
#14 of 71
2nd Dec 2010 16:49
Message from CastratedHorse
been fun playing with you.
#13 of 71
20th Sep 2010 21:34
Message from wrench_monkey
37 has been lucky for me so far.
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