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27th Jun 2014 11:41
Message from falcon21000
To bad. I thought you were going to concentrate your forces elsewhere and then I would have green and yellow as my primary opponents,instead of you. :) BTW thank you for accepting my invitations. I really enjoy playing with you.
#51 of 71
22nd May 2014 16:12
Message from Superman
Ok. Sounds good.
#50 of 71
22nd May 2014 11:03
Message from Superman
Do you want to team up in the Biohazard game Ouchier.
#49 of 71
3rd Apr 2014 17:11
Message from psilofyr
Oh man is that right? I actually didn't mean for that scenario to even go up, it was supposed to be just winds of winter and a default one with capitals but few other special rules. That default scenario didnt even show up, much to my chagrin - I forgot to make it its own scenario in the map builder. Home is where the house is a rather oddball scenario, but yea - it is supposed to start with 0 units on all the random territories and the players are supposed to just start on their capital. All of the starred ones should show up as capitals though and if they arent i don't know why, last I played that one in development, they were all working. Which in particular aren't? Sorry about that...
#48 of 71
3rd Mar 2014 17:52
Message from Rasputin
Hey sorry Ozy joined bit warrior before I could : )
#47 of 71
22nd Sep 2013 20:27
Message from SquintGnome
I like your new logo.....and it makes me thirsty!
#46 of 71
29th Jul 2013 06:45
Message from Teamster
Hey, we prevailed in the Smurf War game. That was my first. It thought it was going to be pretty lame after having played a few round but it turned out to be quite fun.
#45 of 71
10th May 2013 17:39
Message from smoke
Congrats on hitting 200!
#44 of 71
25th Apr 2013 10:04
Message from weathertop
who's this new '37' player? suspiciously like your alter ego ;^) '37', got a star/planet as an avatar, likes my purple...
#43 of 71
12th Mar 2013 09:49
Message from Aiken Drumn
You're in now! http://www.wargear.net/forum/showthread/2414plast/FORUM_GAME:_Roll_to_Dodge#last
#42 of 71
14th Feb 2013 03:52
Message from smoke
Thanks! It's been a slow climb for months, with some good luck recently ... and then poloquebec just leap-frogged us both. But I made 200 today! (and I'm marking the event on YOUR wall ;). I'll see you over the line soon ... if I can slow my losing games enough that I manage to hang on.
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12th Feb 2013 20:55
Message from TheWarrior
Thanks for the invite to the Hex Board Game. I want to play in the tournament but waiting to see if a team forms that needs a player. One of the persons that I wanted to invite is out of games for a few weeks. So if you know of someone that needa a player, let me know. I always enjoyed a game with you.
#40 of 71
29th Oct 2012 19:53
Message from Kjeld
I just realized that you managed to pull off a win for us in that Escalation team game -- amazing job!
#39 of 71
22nd Jul 2012 16:35
Message from Snoochie Boochies
Yes it should be fine :)
#38 of 71
19th May 2012 01:48
Message from Mad Bomber
This guy knows the game........a top player 4 sure
#37 of 71
13th Apr 2012 11:49
Message from General FooBar
Will you take me as a team mate in "All Your BAses Are Mine"?
#36 of 71
24th Mar 2012 22:53
Message from Ozyman
Thanks for the heads up wrt. the extra border modifiers on 'just gems' I found 4 that I had forgotten to delete for that scenario, but I've cleaned it up now and promoted a new version. It won't affect your game, just newly started games.
#35 of 71
6th Mar 2012 22:01
Message from silvergarret
how about the ability to get the canteen back?
#34 of 71
4th Mar 2012 11:11
Message from silvergarret
on gunslinger, how about making cati, snake, ect 6d v 8d?
#33 of 71
24th Jan 2012 20:11
Message from M57
A, I notice you're tearing up my new boards, especially Go-Geared, which is no small feat.. I'm hoping you get a chance to write up a couple of reviews on them.
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